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Re: Perhaps it is time to start a moderated group?

RonB wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:

Perhaps it is time to start comp.os.linux.advocacy.moderated
group?  Your thoughts?

We had to do that a couple years ago on a group that I've been
a member of for about eight years now. In that case it was one
troll, who crossposted to his personal newsgroup and to many
others, including ours. It had become almost impossible to see
any on topic posts. After going through the procedure of
becoming moderated, we decided the only moderation we wanted to do was to shut down crossposting. We immediately had a
usable newsgroup again. If a comp.os.linux.adovocacy.moderated
group gets started I would use as little moderation as
possible -- even shutting down crossposting would get rid of a
lot of trolls who are purposely trying to get Windows and
Linux at each other's throats.

I think shutting down crossposting would go a long way toward having a proper forum with decent civility. Much of the trolling includes crossposting to even non-computer groups.

I don't think anyone objects to a decent argument. Problem is that much of the Windows proponency is coupled with ad hominem attacks, which just goes to show that these trolling individuals have no interest to carry on a decent discussion, but rather would deter anyone who wants to discuss Linux.

Rants like "idiot", "stupid", "hypocrite", "you use windows at work but hide behind Linux at night", "your name sounds homosexual", "I was going to give you loons the benefit of the doubt but you fucked it royally", "filthy Lienux liars", "shithead", "loons", other faecal rants and etc. only indicate an intent to troll and disrupt any civil discussions.


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