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[News] GNU/Linux Promoted in Arabic Nations

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Opennet invites reseller partners to MENA leg of Red Hat Virtualisation tour

,----[ Quote ]
| Opennet Middle East & Africa (MEA), the master distributor and authorised 
| certified training centre of Red Hat Linux products for GCC, Jordan, Lebanon, 
| Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, announced the Middle East and North 
| Africa leg of Red Hat's Virtualisation tour.    


Open season for open source software in region

,----[ Quote ]
| Also, it must be noted that as Linux adoption in the region is low - and the 
| same can be said for the number of skilled technicians - the value in terms
| of trained staff and the opportunity to garner extra revenue from knowledge 
| transfer is high.   
| This also means that systems integrators can develop continued revenue from 
| service contracts as it seems only the very largest enterprises are likely to 
| invest in training their own staff on Linux.  



Ubuntu Arabic Team

,----[ Quote ]
| We have been working on Ubuntu Arabic silently to merge all of the scattered
| Ubuntu related efforts in Arabia to establish one solid good team and I guess
| we just did it and we just reached phase zero. (Yes, we were working in minus
| degree).
| First, we merged with ubuntu-alarabi.net and now waiting to hear from
| arabuntu.org, we are so excited and we want to put all possible efforts on
| this team.



Microsoft continues to ignore the Muslim world

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of the Microsoft comments have just been leaked out of the ECMA
| fortress. Microsoft continues to ignore the Muslim world, and they don't want
| to correct its WORKDAY function in order to 'do not break backward
| compatibility': "Weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) are not considered as
| working days."    
| [...]
| Microsoft/ECMA rolls over cultural diversity. Does someone wants to call Al
| Jazeera?


Welcome to UbuntuME!

,----[ Quote ]
| UbuntuME stands for Ubuntu Muslim Edition. Ubuntu Muslim Edition is
| a free, open source operating system  based on the popular Ubuntu Linux.

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