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[News] Fedora LiveCD Uses Sugar

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Fedora 10, a "Live" solution for One Laptop Per Child.

,----[ Quote ]
| When One Laptop Per Child starts their next Give 1 Get 1 program on November 
| 17th, there will be an option to purchase an upgrade that will allow users to 
| run a standard Linux desktop based on Fedora 10, on their XO system 
| (pronounced "ex - oh"). This special edition of Fedora 10 is an alternative 
| for adults who may not find the child focused graphical interface called 
| Sugar practical for daily use. With this "Live" release the Fedora Project is 
| once again highlighting a fantastic feature unique to modern Linux 
| distributions.       


Sugar-Coated Fedora LiveCD Gives A Taste of the OLPC XO

,----[ Quote ]
| It's interesting to watch Sugar spread from the OLPC XO laptop and appear in 
| several major distributions. Aside from encouraging wider development, it 
| opens up a very targeted environment and platform to an audience of users who 
| might never consider an OLPC machine.   



Interview with Walter Bender of Sugar Labs

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm happy to tell you that Sugar is still being distributed with the OLPC.
| Sugar is now in the hands of a half a million children and teachers
| worldwide, Bender says.


Edward Cherlin expands the vision of OLPC (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| You may know about One Laptop per Child (OLPC), Sugar, and the many projects
| inspired by this initiative. You may not know Edward Mokurai Cherlin or of
| his plans for OLPC: Education, economic development, global commerce, all in
| an environmentally friendly, fair-trade context -- plus ending poverty at a
| profit. All in less than 40 minutes of conversation.


OLPC's Amazon Notebook Linux Only

,----[ Quote ]
| “Contrary to some media reports, it will be a Linux-based XO Laptop that will
| be offered as part of the global initiative and not a dual-boot machine
| running both Windows and Linux,” OLPC said in a statement.


What do Free and Open Source Software Leaders Think of Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| "Microsoft suborned the One Laptop Per Child project, converting it into a
| massive Windows training campaign. The project says it is giving the
| purchasing governments 'more choice' by supporting Windows as well as
| GNU/Linux, but those governments will tend to choose Windows by default. In
| some countries, people will campaign to prevent that. If these campaigns
| succeed, the OLPC project may yet make a positive contribution to the world.
| Otherwise, it will do overall harm."


A Cutting Edge Sugar User Interface Demo

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I have to say that I'm very impressed by the improvements that Sugar
| has seen over the past few months. While it may take some time for them to
| trickle down into the stable builds it's great to see into what general
| direction things are moving. Personally I'm currently running faster 2056 and
| it's a relatively smooth ride so far with the notable exception of 'record'
| not working. And as much as I love 'record' the improved activity startup
| time alone more than makes up for this loss.


Why Sugar is a big deal for Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Leigh Dyer explains why the low-cost laptop interface is shaking up the OS
| world, and predicts why it could appear on millions of Windows systems.
| [...]
| More radical changes may be in store for the future. A lot of Sugar's
| features, like the mesh networking, user presence support, and the Journal's
| file store, could be useful across the Linux desktop, so these may end up
| decoupled from the Sugar UI and made available for separate use in a range of
| applications.


Sugar Labs' Walter Bender on the Sweetness of Collaborative Learning

,----[ Quote ]
| He has founded Sugar Labs, a foundation that seeks to advance development of
| Sugar, the user interface originally designed for OLPC.


Linux start-up Sugar Labs in informal talks with four laptop makers

,----[ Quote ]
| Sugar Laboratories, Inc. is now in informal discussions with four ultra-low
| cost laptop manufacturers about the possibility of running its Linux software
| on their hardware, according to the new company's founder.

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