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Re: The incident that caused me to stop dual booting and go to Linux

Chris Ahlstrom <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After takin' a swig o' grog, Ezekiel belched out
>  this bit o' wisdom:
>> "Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
>> news:D3FQk.52714$IB6.33847@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Ezekiel belched out
>>>  this bit o' wisdom:
>>>> VMWare workstation is awesome. Take a look sometime at ESXi server (free)
>>>> from VMWare. I'm converting a lot of older physical machines into VM's
>>>> running on ESXi server and it's good stuff.
>>> What the main difference between that and VMWare Server (I'm using the
>>> latter now)?
>> There's lots of info on the differences out on the web an VMWares website. 
>> The main difference is that ESXi server is a "bare metal" hypervisor that 
>> has a foot print of something like 64-megs. VMWare server needs to run 
>> within a guest OS like Linux or Windows. ESXi comes with it's own minimal OS 
>> (linux based) that it uses to run the hypervisor. It doesn't need 
>> Linux/Windows/etc and it's faster, uses less memory and on my system can 
>> cold boot in just under 20 seconds. And it's FREE!
>> The "local console" (on the machine where ESXi gets installed) is nicely 
>> done but intentionally very basic. You do all of the administration remotely 
>> via the management console (VIC) "Virtual Infrastructure Client" which is a 
>> Windows app. From there you can create VM's, take snapshots, allocate 
>> resources, create resource pools, start/stop the VM's, monitor everything 
>> and etc.
> Thanks for the info, Zeke!

More goodness from Workstation 6.5:


# Unity mode ??? Integrate your favorite guest applications with your
host. Open the application window, enter Unity mode, and the Workstation
window is automatically minimized. The guest application windows look
just like host application windows, but with color-coded borders. You
access the virtual machine's Start menu (for Windows virtual machines)
or Applications menu (for Linux virtual machines) by placing the
mouse pointer over the host's Start or Applications menu, or by using
a key combination.  Note: Unity mode is supported only experimentally
for Linux guests.  

# Accelerated 3-D graphics on Windows XP guests ???
Workstation 6.5 virtual machines now work with applications that use
DirectX 9 accelerated graphics with shaders up through Shader Model 2.0
on Windows XP guests. Hosts can be running Windows 2000, Windows XP,
Windows Vista, or Linux.

I tested this upgrade today on a Feisty install.  It feels a little less
responsive than 6.0 under a Dapper install on the same machine, but that
may be due to the compiz stuff that I have running on the Feisty system. 

The Unity thingy is cool.  Kinda freaky having an XP DOS window floating
on my desktop.  Put the mouse on the upper left corner of the desktop
and you get the start menu for XP. 

Now I'll have to find a Windows game to test the DirectX 9 / Shader
Model 2.0 stuff (whatever that is).  Anybody know of a cheapo 3D game
spec'ed out that way? 

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