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[News] [Rival] One-man Microsoft Shillstitute (Enderle Mill) Attacks Apple

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Enderle tenuously links Microsoft-Apple struggle with U.S. election

,----[ Quote ]
| Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, a division of Enderle 
| Global Enterprises, represented by Enderle, Enderle & Enderle, and a block 
| south of Enderle Toyota*, says Apple has made mistakes with its marketing 
| that mirror those of the Republican party in this year's presidential race.   


Microsoft Jack is doing the same at the moment. The Microsoft shills seem very
scared, so they just frantically attack 'their' competitors.

Rob Enderle--Ballmer's separated-at-birth twin?

Rob Enderle: 'I started writing about Linux because I was told I couldn't and
the more people told me I couldn't, and particularly when they said "or
else," the more the Linux dirty laundry became attractive to me' 

Rob Enderle: 'I saw what appeared to be a word-for-word copy of about every
third line of code in the central module of the Linux kernel'

Rob Enderle: '..many Linux supporters are a bunch of potty-mouthed malcontents.
Enterprises are better off staying away from Linux and open source'

Rob Enderle: 'Linux is being widely used on the desktop in the third world,
where applications are limited and labor is inexpensive...'

Rob Enderle: 'I have a hard time seeing the Zealots as any different from
terrorist... I strongly believe that if September 11 showed us anything, it
was that zealots'
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