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[News] Millions Saves with Free Software in Malaysia

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Open source software helps govt save RM32mil

,----[ Quote ]
| The government managed to save RM32 million in expenditure through the 
| implementation of open source software (OSS) in government agencies and 
| departments, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan 
| said.   
| He said the saving for the first phase of the project, involving OSS 
| implementation in 15 agencies and departments, was RM10 million. 
| Some RM22 million was saved in the second phase which involved the 
| installation of OpenOffice software on 10,682 computers and the use of 174 
| products from the open source competency centre, he said.  



Malaysia seen as top market for open-source convergence

,----[ Quote ]
| Malaysia is a leading adopter of open-source convergence software, according
| to key speakers at the AsterConference 2008, held recently in Kuala Lumpur.


Let's complain about Microsoft restricting choice in the market (part deux)

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoon Kit wrote about being forced to pay the Microsoft tax when buying
| computers from computer manufacturers (eg Dell). I submitted a complaint to
| the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs and received an official
| acknowledgment from the ministry that the Penang branch office will
| investigate the complaint.
| I strongly urge everybody who uses non-Microsoft operating systems on their
| computers bought from Dell or any other manufacturers to write in through the
| web interface and make an official complaint. Make your voices heard so that
| we can stop being forced to pay for software we don't use!


OpenOffice.org deployed in Malaysian Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Just announced today (27 August 2008), The Malaysian Administrative
| Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and the Ministry of
| Education (MoE) are working with the State Government of Terengganu to
| further increase the adoption of Open Source Software in government and
| schools. This is announced at the "Open Source Software Seminar for
| Accelerated Adpotion" held at Wisma Darul Iman, Terengganu.


Malaysia's Sabah State Government moves to OpenOffice.org too.

,----[ Quote ]
| In this very concise notice, Sabah's State Government has announced that they
| will be joining the OOo bandwagon!


Melaka City Council's OSS migration and savings

,----[ Quote ]
| In our ongoing series of Free and Open Source Software deployments in
| Malaysia, OpenMalaysiaBlog is proud to highlight the efforts of the City
| Council of Melaka. They were one of the first few departments to migrate
| completely to OpenOffice.org (98% of their 300 hundred seats. They need to
| retain a few copies of MS Office for some difficult proprietary files). Back
| in 8 December 2006, the Mayor of Melaka, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Haji Zaini bin Mohd
| Nor, presented "Successful Deployment Of OpenOffice In The Public Sector
| Seminar" and was very enthusiastic about OpenOffice.org.


The State of Kedah moves to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| A case study submitted to the Open Source Competency Center by the Center of
| Information Technology, Office of the Chief Minister and State Secretary of
| Kedah, has indicated that OpenOffice.org has been installed in 70% of the
| computers in the Kedah state government agencies. There are currently 2,202
| installed seats and by the looks of it, the numbers will just keep rising!


The entire State of Pahang moves to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Its just been made official that the State of Pahang is migrating all its
| productivity suites to OpenOffice.org. This succint memo from the State
| Secretary of Pahang entitled "Perlaksanaan Penggunaan Perisian OpenOffice.Org
| Di Semua Agensi dan Pentadbiran Negeri" (translated: "Implementation of
| OpenOffice.org suite in all State Agencies and Administrative centres")
| outlines the reasons for migrating, the benefits and how to proceed.


The Pikom Meeting About Microsoft's OOXML ... No! (bangs the table) Ecma 376!

,----[ Quote ]
| Doug noted that the guys on the opposite side of the table from Microsoft
| (and (BANGS hand on table!) Ecma!) did not discuss any of the 23 comments
| made by Malaysia for the BRM ... and he's right, we didn't. Again, speaking
| for myself, prior to the meeting, I was sceptical that the "pro-OOXML" gang
| would actually just concentrate on that. This was mainly because I didn't
| know who would be attending on their side. I certainly did not expect that
| Microsoft would bring Doug Mahugh, Oliver Bell, Dave Welsh and (BANGS hand on
| table!) Jan van de Veld, former Sec-Gen of Ecma International. I fully
| expected Microsoft to apply the Chewbacca Defense strategy, and therefore
| figured that I must concentrate on my own Wookie-based defense.


Reports: Malaysia unmoved in OOXML vote

,----[ Quote ]
| Minister ignored objections
| According to Open Malaysia, the Malaysian Industrial Standards Committee for
| IT (ISC-G) took a vote on Mar. 27 to decide the country's stance on the
| OOXML-ISO vote, with 13 disapprovals, five abstentions and only three
| approvals.
| By eventually taking the decision to abstain in the OOXML ISO ballot, Maximus
| Ongkili, who is two weeks into the job as Minister of Science, Technology and
| Innovation--following the country's Mar. 8 general elections--appeared to
| have ignored the ISC-G's majority "disapprove" vote.


OpenOffice.org and ODF adoption in Malaysia - thumbs up!

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, you can hold them to their word, as they update a Wiki page, informing
| you about how many agencies are moving to OpenOffice.org. Big wins, once all
| of the Malaysian government related agencies are on OpenOffice.org (open
| source software in general). Again, read OpenOffice.org and ODF Adoption!


Return of the Living Dead - Brainless Attack on MoSTI - Part Deux!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| I dont know what the attraction is, but somehow we all love the morbid
| fascination of Zombies in action. First, Microsoft^H^H^H^H^HCompTIA hires Mr
| Jan van der Beld, Ex-Ecma Secretary General, to fly all the way here in KL,
| for an event supposedly about "good multiple standards".  There he challenges
| us to find a better way to Fast Track large, immature vendor dependent
| specifications. The answer is of course: "Don't do it." Later on that same
| day, like a man possessed, he turns up at a PIKOM meeting only to rant and
| thump tables.
| Then today, in our fantastic broadsheet turned tabloid "The New Straits
| Times" features a "Comment" by our so called "cooler head" Datuk Dr Mohd
| Ariffin Aton entitled "Walking the Talk on neutrality policy". If you've
| forgotten about him, you may be forgiven, but he is or rather WAS the CEO if
| SIRIM Bhd.


How to Royally Annoy National Bodies

,----[ Quote ]
| Guide to future monopolists on how to alienate yourself from National Bodies:
|    1. Waste NBs time in reviewing monstrous draft specifications
|    2. Claim that these specs can do everything for anyone by standardising
|    marketing material
|    3. If you don't get your way at a certain level, lobby the superior above.
|    Dont stop! Go all the way to the head of the nation if you think you can!
|    4. Leak press stories to journalists to pressure Ministries to make a
|    decision. Quick!
|    5. Try to shut down TCs if actual technical work is done revealing issues
|    with your plan
|    6. Question Question Question everything (process, fairness, the system,
|    members) when things dont go your way
|    7. Otherwise create another TC with friendly experts
|    8. If the NB allows new members just by paying membership fees, encourage
|    your business partners to join with marketing funds. Stack-stack-stack it
|    high!
|    9. Stalk decision makers, even if it means traveling around the globe with
|    them
|   10. Refuse changes in the spec especially if it breaks your product which
|   you released prior
|   11. Have private interviews with TC members in the guise of funding for
|   their new projects/research grants/interoperability initiatives and
|   conveniently talk about their position on your spec.
|   12. Get your Business Partners to write in form letters. Some don't even
|   bother to change the templates
|   13. Attend TC meetings uninvited by fabricating business cards
|   14. Send Lawyers in to Technical Committee meetings who prefer not to
|   engage in "high-school" debates
|   15. Make rude and inaccurate statements against TC members in public


The Elephant in the Room - with a calling card.

,----[ Quote ]
| But to pass off a foreigner as a Malaysian organisation's representative?
| That's really stretching it, dudes. It's not as bad as having someone from
| Senegal representing another country, but it's still not particularly ...
| appropriate.
| [...]
| Which is also why there was an uneasy silence when Doug came back into the
| room to remove his computer, and he gruffly said, "I think it's best that I
| leave." I thought that was noble of him, and a great way to exit with
| whatever dignity he had left. I don't think he would normally bend his ethics
| to represent an organisation's national branch which he does not belong nor
| contribute to, but we must all understand, that employees at Microsoft are
|                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| all facing a really stressful time now.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| They are fighting like their jobs depend on this, and unfortunately for
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Microsoft as a brand, they are killing themselves. Bending their morals,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| burning their bridges which they have built so long and hard over the years,
| and hurting so many people and organisations over this silly matter of a File
| Format.


Can I Have A Light, Doug?

,----[ Quote ]
| Here goes:
|    1. Doug, you are claiming that you wanted a technical debate with YK and
|    yours truly. You never contacted us prior to the PIKOM meeting and never
|    told me that you would be present at TC4. How can you claim that you
|    wanted a technical debate when you never bothered to get in touch with the
|    people you wanted to debate with? Your logic simply does not compute[4].
|    2. Your blog post says "they threw me out before the meeting started".
|    Well, no shit sherlock. If you turn up at a meeting without giving due
|    notice of your nomination as an alternate representative of IASA, you
|    really can't be surprised if they weren't too happy, eh? There are proper
|    processes to follow in Malaysia's standards body and IASA flagrantly
|    violated them.
| [...]
| There you go. I'm not going to pursue this any further (but Doug, do feel
| free to write another scathing post, I've got /dev/null all prepped up and
| ready here). I just felt folk reading Doug's blog and OpenMalaysiaBlog should
| be able to see this from another perspective. Specifically mine. Either that
| or this is just another excuse for more sandiwara (translation: drama).


Doug Mahugh really dislikes me. Boo hoo.

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