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[News] American President Runs on Free Software and GNU/Linux

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Jonathan Schwartz scrambles aboard the Obama train

,----[ Quote ]
| "I would also like to extend my congratulations to his web team for having 
| chosen MySQL as the platform behind their election web site, 
| BarackObama.com," Schwartz continued.  



A bright future for MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL is an example of a disruptive technology. At first, it was too puny for
| the proprietary databases to notice, and satisfied only small users. But its
| powers grew, and the size of the companies using it also increased. It cannot
| match the upper limits of DB2 capability at this point, but it will be
| interesting to see if and when that day comes. But it doesn’t have to; it is
| already transforming most of the database market. May Sun invest the money
| (and employ the open source software developers) to take it to the top.      


At MySQL, it's business as usual

,----[ Quote ]
| With Sun Microsystems announcing earlier this month that it had acquired the
| most popular open source database company, MySQL, there has been speculation
| aplenty, some of it grossly misinformed, on just how much change this will
| mean for staff at the small Swedish company.  
| [...]
| "Lots of MySQL employees are active within the community and have been
| encouraged to blog," he said. "This is not a closed company, what happens is
| transparent.  



Obama Campaign Hopes for Better Web Security

,----[ Quote ]
| The requirements are pretty much what you'd read in any e-commerce security
| help-wanted ad: VPN (virtual private network) and Unix or Linux experience,
| along with a "deep understanding" of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl)
| development. And of course, the successful candidate must be willing
| to "respond off-hours to high urgency security situations."


Obama Voices Support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenDocument Format supporters are welcoming presidential hopeful Sen. Barack
| Obama's promise to put government data online in universally accessible
| formats should he be elected.ODF a National Standard in Korea

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