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[News] Trying GNU/Linux Essential to Understating of Its Value

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I didn't know you could do that in Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Here are 12 tips, tricks, tweaks and techniques to make you say "I didn't 
| know you could do that in Linux." Sure, not every one may be your cup of tea 
| but here are 12 items to help you have the most positive Linux experience you 
| can and to show why Linux is a superior operating system to other 
| alternatives.    


25 Useful Ubuntu Shortcuts To Make your Life Easier

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier, i have posted about useful windows shortcuts. This time, i have 
| compiled a list of 25 useful Ubuntu shortcuts (not those commonly known 
| Ctrl+C type shortcuts) that make your life easier. These shortcuts will help 
| you do routine tasks more quickly and easily.   



10 Handy Productivity Tools in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| For productivity, Linux can compete with Windows and Mac as Linux has a great
| set of productivity applications. While some applications run on all
| platforms, there are others just available exclusively on Linux. Here is a
| list of 10 apps that are focused on getting things done quickly and
| effectively.


Editor's Note: Dummy Pride

,----[ Quote ]
| We hear it all the time: computers are too hard to use and need to be easier.
| Put everything behind a shiny colorful GUI, and reduce complex tasks to a few
| simple obvious mouse clicks. At first this doesn't sound too daffy. After
| all, good tools are supposed to make our lives easier. But there is an awful
| lot of muddled thinking going on here.
| What most folks really want is not a better tool, but a magic wand. They buy
| Quicken and Quickbooks thinking that will give them instant magical
| accountant skills. They think PowerPoint turns them into publishers,
| Photoshop turns them into artists, and having a word processer confers great
| writing skills. They're under the delusion that paying thousands of dollars
| and cramming for a few weeks to acquire a certification means they're skilled
| IT professionals. Look how many people can't compose a decent business letter
| in an email with a proper salutation, body, and signature (or even with
| actual sentences), and who look at you like you're an annoying homeless
| person when you try to show them how to delete all the annoying bits from
| that ten-times forwarded stale joke, or use the BCC line. It's like the guy
| who collects the finest power and hand tools but has no idea what to do with
| them. He might as well stand over that shiny 800-piece Snap-on tool set and
| order it to fix his car. If it doesn't obey the first time, talk louder.


Three Little Things To Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Beautiful and Productive

,----[ Quote ]
| How can you make your Ubuntu desktop look beautiful and be productive at the
| same time? With these three things...


Make Your Linux Desktop More Productive

,----[ Quote ]
| There are positively addictive productivity apps available for Linux, along
| with tools to make switching between Linux and other systems easy, or just
| running Windows programs themselves if you need to. Today we're detailing a
| Linux desktop that helps you move quickly, work with Windows, and just get
| things done; read on for a few suggestions on setting it up.



21 of the Best Free Linux Productivity Tools

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the essential ingredients to running a successful business is
| maintaining an advantage over your competition. Many different types of
| computer software can significantly enhance performance at the workplace, or
| in the home. A polished office suite, a reliable backup system, an intuitive
| desktop environment, even a welcome break from reality with an immersive game
| all have their part to play in helping users achieve their maximum potential.


Be a Productive Linux User

,----[ Quote ]
| Use Terminator: Terminator is a nice way to free your valuable screen space
| from multiple terminal windows. Instead of using one terminal window for each
| task, divide an existing window horizontally or vertically each time you need
| a new terminal window. So if you find yourself using 8 terminal windows, you
| can use Terminator and pack your terminals into 2 windows.


Be super-productive with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| It might sound a bit weird but the kind of Operating System you’re probably
| using may affect your productivity at work! Though, a user is a more
| responsible entity when it comes to productivity, but somewhere
| down-the-line, we can hold your operating system responsible for the same.
| [...]
| Reasons why Linux may be productive
|     * The power of command line..
|     * Customization...
|     [...]


Why Open Source contributes to productivity

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software has become quite popular lately and I think it’s awesome
| that free software like Amarok, Open Office, GIMP and so on, are becoming so
| good that they not only rival their paid counterparts, but surpass them in
| many ways.  


Linux is Making Me Fat and Lazy

,----[ Quote ]
| Because of Linux I hardly have to lift a finger anymore, and because of it my
| health is suffering. I rarely hop up and down in a fit of temper, I don't
| have to drive to the store to buy software, and I don't get the aerobic
| benefits of spending hours on the phone with tech support, breathing hard and
| accelerating my heartbeat. I rarely make site visits anymore. I don't even
| leave my chair, because I log in and do fixes and admin chores from home. I
| even have my remaining tiny herd of Windows users (close relatives only who
| bribe me handsomely) set up with VNC over SSH, Cygwin/SSH, or rdesktop. I
| alone have the passwords, mwahaha.


Kubuntu days...productive days

,----[ Quote ]
| So, what is the point? It is that, for non technical users, as I am, Kubuntu
| have reached a point where I'm able to do with linux everything I used to be
| able to do in windows, install it, make partitions, configure a network,
| install apps, share printers and directories, configure wifi devices, create
| users, etc. very easily. In fact, I can do more things now that I could in
| windows.    
| We can improve a lot though, but it has been a confirmation of what I already
| knew (we all know). With linux I'm more productive, even in tedious actions
| like the ones I've done these days.  

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