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Re: The awesome hardware support of Linux

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____/ Ben on Wednesday 05 November 2008 15:01 : \____

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>    http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2008/10/how-linux-supports-more-device.html
>>    To be fair there's two major classes of devices that we did find that
>>    have limited support. One is the video camera webcam type things and with
>>    the latest kernel, we've done a lot of work there and there is a lot more
>>    device support. I think the next kernel that's going to come out supports
>>    almost everything that we know about it, so those developers have gotten
>>    it together and are doing great strides. If it doesn't work, contact
>>    them; they'll get it to work. They're doing really good on that. After
>>    that there is wireless devices. About a year ago wireless wasn't doing so
>>    well. We got a bunch of people working on that now and everything is
>>    supported now. Atheros now has open source drivers. Intel--everything is
>>    supported; Marvell is supported. The one hold-out is Broadcom but even
>>    they have Linux drivers, they're just closed source. There is Linux
>>    support out there if you have hardware. I really don't know of any major
>>    device out there that we don't support.
> I've seen the occasional hiccup in getting Wireless working on recent
> kernels, but you're right, the wireless support on Linux has increased
> dramatically in the last year or so.
> Compare that to sticking a CD in for each individual device on Windows
> and installing the drivers from that. At least with a Linux machine, the
> drivers come with the default kernel in most cases.

...And if anything goes wrong, you don't depend on the company with 'trade
secrets' to fix it. :-)

Not sure what to buy for Wireless? Buy Atheros

,----[ Quote ]
| Atheros has now stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run on
| Open-Licensed support for their wireless drivers, and not just any any
| wireless drivers. The code for their latest 802.11n cards is already online :
| http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k
| According to Mad Wifi, Atheros has hired Luis Rodriguez and Jouni Malinen,
| who are going to continue to work on the driver. That means this release
| isn't a simple code dump to look good on paper. Nor is the release
| semi-opened up, it's under the ISC License, which is what the radically
| open-licensed OpenBSD developers are using.


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