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[News] Firefox Still Beats Pseudo-source Chrome

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Google Chrome and Variations: Still Maturing

,----[ Quote ]
| We've made the point before that as good as Google's Chrome browser is, many 
| users will still want to stick with Firefox because of how incredibly useful 
| Firefox extensions are.   


Mozilla prepares final resting place for Firefox 2

,----[ Quote ]
| About four months after releasing Firefox 3.0, Mozilla is preparing to retire 
| Firefox 2. 



Third Chrome beta another notch faster

,----[ Quote ]
| There could be something fishy going on here, though: Minefield, which has
| TraceMonkey turned on, actually is slower than Firefox 3.1 beta 1 with
| TraceMonkey turned off, which is hardly the result you'd expect for a
| JavaScript speed test. TraceMonkey-enabled Firefox 3.1 beta 1 couldn't run
| the test because of a bug, and though that bug was fixed in Minefield, there
| could be something else awry.


Q & A with John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla Corp.

,----[ Quote ]
| Emulating Google is not a smart game to play. We can do things in the cloud
| that other people can't. For example, sync services, so your browser on your
| Mac looks like your browser on your PC. You can have your bookmarks in the
| cloud. Think about being at your browser on your desktop, closing it to go
| home, and turning on your mobile device and having it know all the pages you
| were at, all the tabs and bookmarks. That's one example. Once we have that
| kind of system set up, we should be able to allow other third parties to make
| applications to deliver stuff to the browser.


Google's Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, rendering engines: let the war begin

,----[ Quote ]
| If Chrome was conceived of as a Firefox killer, I keep asking myself why
| Google has just renewed and extended a deal with Mozilla for another three
| years. Hardly an action consistent with trying to kill off Mozilla’s love
| child. Hell, for that kind of money Google can “kill” my product anytime!
| Again, Google won’t be trying to take over Mozilla as it is a for non-profit
| organisation and cannot be “bought”, so it makes sense to fund Mozilla in
| order to promote the primacy of the search engine.


Chrome's primary target is Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| But an Ovum analyst thinks Microsoft has more to worry about than Mozilla.
| Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum said in a statement that the challenge
| Chrome brings to Microsoft is two-fold: it not only threatens Microsoft
| Internet Explorer's market share, but also seeks to overturn the way people
| work with applications.

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