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[News] GNU/Linux and Free Software in Schools, Open CourseWare

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Fl_TeacherTool: Award-winning software with an uncertain future

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| Last month, when the National Center for Open Source and Education announced 
| this year's FOSS and K-12 Education Awards, three of the five awards were 
| given for software designed for the Linux Terminal Service Project (LTSP). 
| Two were given to Eric Harrison and Paul Nelson, the founders of the K12LTSP 
| distribution (now called K-12 Linux). The third was given to Robert 
| Arkiletian, the developer of an administration application called 
| Fl_TeacherTool that is designed specifically for K12LTSP. The award was only 
| the latest acclaim for Fl_TeacherTool, which has a small but dedicated group 
| of users in the classroom. Ironically, though, the award comes at a time when 
| the tiny project faces significant challenges if it is to survive.         


100 Free Open Courseware Classes About Open Source Everything

,----[ Quote ]
| Open CourseWare and open education resources are founded on the principles of 
| open source living, so it’s only natural that there are lots of open source 
| courses to be found. In this guide, you’ll find courses on linux, open source 
| philosophy, legal issues, and more.   



Education IT chiefs debate open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The concept of open source software seems so firmly entrenched in higher
| education that it comes as almost a shock to realize there's actually a
| debate over it. But debate there was, civilized and trenchant, this week
| during the annual Educause conference on high technology in higher education
| in the US.
| "It's really tough to take [commercial software] systems built for a
| corporate world and stick them into an education world," said Bradley
| Wheeler, vice president for IT and CIO at Indiana University, adding that one
| recent book estimated education globally would spent US$5.5 billion
| installing ERP, much of it in modifying commercial software to meet
| institutional needs. "We spend so much money trying to hard fit those things
| in."

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