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[News] GNU/Linux Hurts Windows, Microsoft Suffers Decline

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Linux Foundation: Sympathy for Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A whole week of success stories for Linux and Open Source, while Microsoft is 
| battling the press, thus the summary from Jim Zemlin, executive director of 
| the Linux Foundation. Even the New York Times sees a good positioning for 
| Linux on desktops.   


Microsoft will be stung by Intel's Atom

,----[ Quote ]
| In their most recent conference call, Microsoft execs cited the rise of the 
| netbook as the largest factor in reducing their operating system average 
| selling price. Consumers who buy netbooks do not need (nor could they even 
| install) the premium version of Microsoft software-- instead they are buying 
| the stripped down version. And in some cases, they aren't even doing that: 
| one netbook manufacturer says that 30% of their sales come from Linux powered 
| devices that have no Microsoft content at all!      


List Of Devices On Your Telecom Bill: PVR. Cable Box. Netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier today, I filed the following response (below in blockquotes) to Dave 
| Winer's post regarding the coming of the $99 netbook. 



Australians Demand Linux Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Geek Central’s store had numerous Netbooks — those low-cost sub-notebooks —
| on display. Fact is, Netbooks are everywhere in Melbourne, with most local
| retailers carrying Asus’s Eee PC.
| Now for the twist: Initially, Geek Central only carried Windows XP-based
| Netbooks. But customer demand for Linux-based Netbooks was overwhelming,
| according to Mike — a Geek Central mate who gave The VAR Guy the scoop.


Linux Carried Along on Netbooks Wave

,----[ Quote ]
| Morvay revealed to Linux Magazine Online that there were no specific figures
| for Linux netbook sales, but that it lay somewhere in the 40th percentile.
| Even though this figure seems a little high, it is known that many of the
| world's netbooks have Linux on board since their first inception 18 months
| ago.
| For example, notebooks with Linux make up about 5.5% of the notebook market
| in Germany...


Sustainable computing for the masses

,----[ Quote ]
| Dukker says about 40 per cent of NComputing's customers have chosen Linux
| (the company uses Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or SuSE) and the remainder have gone
| with Windows on the host. He is careful to specify that he has no religion
| when it comes to the operating system - it is entirely the buyer's choice.
| (Of course, if he were not offering the GNU/Linux option, then he wouldn't
| have got a run here).    

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