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Re: Linux ... FAR, FAR easier to install than Windows!

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____/ Terry Porter on Tuesday 04 November 2008 08:53 : \____

> I thought I'd give the latest Ubuntu 8.10-mid a try on my EeeePC900 last
> night.
> The MID USB image allows you to try Ubuntu without changing your computer
> at all, and at your option to install it permanently later. This USB
> image is optimized for handheld devices with 4-7" touchscreens and
> limited processing power. You will need at least 128MB of RAM to install
> from this image.
> Here is the procedure using a 1GB SD card, note I could have used a USB
> flash drive etc:-
> 1) dl the iso "ubuntu-8.10-mid-lpia.img"
> 2) DD the image to the SD card, mine is at /dev/sdg
> 3) Insert SD card into EeePC SD card slot
> 4) Turn on Eeepc
> 5) After turning on, hit <ESC> and choose the SD card from the boot menu
> DONE, now booted into Ubuntu, everything worked (except wifi, I couldn't
> find a wifi icon), tons of apps, networking just worked the instant I
> plugged in a network cable, all automagically. Not a bad effort Ubuntu.
> It's not just Ubuntu that is this easy, Debian, Backtrack, all are done
> exactly the same way.
> Anyone want to claim it's this *EASY* with Windows ?
> Failure to prove its this easy with Windows, will prove to me, that Linux
> is far easier to install than Windows, end of story.

It was even easier installing Mandriva and Kubuntu (dual-boot) on this
brand-new box. Everything--and I mean /everything/--worked like a charm out of
the box. Just a "Next"/"OK" GUI routine. 

It's time for unbundling.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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