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Re: Vista to Linux

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____/ AZ Nomad on Monday 03 November 2008 22:13 : \____

> On Mon, 3 Nov 2008 13:57:59 -0800, Kelsey Bjarnason <kelseyb@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>Daddy-in-law has himself a laptop, with Vista on it.  He loathes Vista.
>>He's used to XP, has it on his desktop, had it on his older laptop, did
>>pretty much what he wanted it to do, but Vista?  In his own words, "Vista
>>is not user friendly."
> vista is a piece of shit, but switching to linux requires relearning almost
> everything.  Microsoft hates standards and likes to reinvent everything.
> Being comfortable with XP means not being comfortable with anything else
> (including vista)
> The least painful path is is to install XP on the machine.

Not necessarily, it depends on the person. My parents hardly touch the 'O/S'.
Being fairly technophobic, they just know things like browser, Skype, word
processor. Changing the underlying O/S should hardly make a difference because
the applications stay the same. 'Technical' support, however, relies on
someone being around with fundamental familiarity with another operating
system, which needn't be reinstalled anyway (no malware). Saw this one earlier

Linux is granny-compatible, since long

,----[ Quote ]
| Concerning our aunt: she will be very pleased with Ubuntu, I’m sure. As a
| normal home user nowadays, you don’t need much more - she’s happy with her
| Mahjongg for herself and Planet Penguin Racer for some grand children. Never
| had a happier “customer” than her - which shows that Linux just works, no
| matter which age the “target” “customer” is. For her, she never asked for
| something else. And if that isn’t a success story on its own, then I dunno
| what would be.

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