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[News] [Rival] Non-Free Software Under Threat Due to Cost

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Report: Worrisome trends in software pricing

,----[ Quote ]
| A report out from Accenture today calls attention to several worrisome trends 
| in software pricing. 
| The report says that software sales to enterprise clients are being clinched 
| largely because of sharp discounts of up to 70 percent of the list price. In 
| addition, the report says that increasingly there are thousands of stock 
| keeping units (SKUs) for each product, making it difficult to adjust prices 
| quickly, a problem exacerbated in an economic downturn.    


Economic Downturn to Slow Government Spending

,----[ Quote ]
| Laclede says federal government agencies typically feel the effects of an 
| economic downturn at a slower pace than the private sector and state and 
| local governments. That’s because federal agencies run on yearly budgets, and 
| they already have the money to spend on IT projects, he says.    


This will hurt Microsoft. It already does. Several reports agree.


Microsoft, Cisco to lose $4.3 Billion as investment banks cut cost

,----[ Quote ]
| The cut in the IT budgets of the revered investment banks like Lehman
| Brothers and Merrill Lynch due to their failure may lead industry giants like
| U.S. based Microsoft and California based Cisco to lose $4.3 billion in
| orders next year. While Cisco earns about three percent to four percent of
| annual revenue from the U.S. financial industry, Microsoft accounted for 22
| percent last year.


Microsoft will be hurt by financial crisis, RBC analyst says

,----[ Quote ]
| The devastating U.S. financial crisis will hurt software giant Microsoft
| Corp.'s bottom line this holiday season as shoppers tighten their purse
| strings, RBC Capital Markets says.


Ballmer says Microsoft not immune from global crisis


Microsoft's Market Cap Falls $24B in 17 Days

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is on the list. Today, the stock closed at $25.01 a share, down
| $2.39, or 8.72 percent.


A Microsoft Midlife Crisis?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Microsoft undergoing a midlife crisis? The software titan's recent mergers 
| and acquisitions track record suggests as much. In an attempt to keep up with 
| Google and other Web 2.0 stars, Microsoft looks as if it is getting pushed 
| around at the bargaining table. The latest act of profligacy came yesterday 
| when it paid a whopping premium to acquire Fast Search & Transfer for $1.2 
| billion.     

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