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[News] Google Opens PDFs, OpenStreetMap Rebuts Google's Proprietary Earth

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Google sheds light on 'Dark Web'

,----[ Quote ]
| Google this week took another step in its effort to shed light on the 
| so-called Dark Web with its announcement that its engine can now search 
| scanned documents in Adobe Systems' PDF format.  
| Using Optical Character Recognition technology, Google's search engine now 
| can convert scanned PDF documents into text that can be searched and indexed, 
| the company said. Thus, government reports, academic papers and other scanned 
| documents can now show up in search results. Search engines generally 
| interpret PDF documents as images of text rather than text.     


OpenStreetMap contemplates licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| Maps are cool; there's no end of applications which can make good use of 
| mapping data. There is plenty of map data around, but it's almost exclusively 
| proprietary in nature. That makes this data hard to use with free 
| applications; it's also inherently annoying. We, as taxpayers, own those 
| streets; why should we have to pay somebody else to know where the streets 
| are?     
| Your editor likes to grumble about such things; meanwhile, the OpenStreetMap 
| project (OSM) is busily doing something about it. OSM has put together a 
| database and a set of tools making it easy for anybody to enter location data 
| with the intent of producing a free mapping database with global coverage.    



Marble: 'Googe Earth Lite' Comes Free With KDE 4

,----[ Quote ]
| And, finally, probably the best thing of all the good things about Marble: It
| is Free/Open Source Software, promotes the use of free maps...


Marble integration with KOffice

,----[ Quote ]
| Right now the Marble Team is heavily working towards KDE 4.1 Beta2:
| Jens-Michael is working on further improving Marble OpenStreetMap support,
| Inge is working on the Mercator Projection, Patrick is working on further
| improving KML for his GSoC 2008 project (which actually deals with vector
| rendering in Marble), Claudiu is working on his Satellite Plugin and Henry is
| working on texture colorization and Temperature / Precipitation maps. I'll
| continue to work on GeoPainter and Marble's new plugin architecture which
| will enable other developers to write Qt-Plugins for Marble to render their
| own layers and their own data.


KDE 4.1 Beta1: OpenStreetMap Support in KDE via Marble

,----[ Quote ]
| The hero of the current Marble KDE 4.1 Beta1 release is Jens-Michael
| Hoffmann: He has successfully worked on getting OpenStreetMap integrated into
| Marble and KDE 4.1!
| This means that once you start our free software virtual globe and
| select "OpenStreetMap" as a theme then Marble will directly start to download
| OpenStreetMap tiles from the OpenStreetMap server...


Marble's Secrets Part III: The Earth in a Download

,----[ Quote ]
| In Part III we'll look beyond Marble's offline mode: We'll get to know how
| Marble fetches its data from the internet.
| [...]
| Actually I've met a lot of people recently who weren't aware of the fact that
| Marble downloads further texture data from the internet while browsing the
| map. On one hand the reason for this misconception is maybe the fact that we
| only provide very little additional online data right now (about 400 MB). On
| the other hand the map download is done automatically and very seamlessly in
| the background, so people will hardly notice.    


Marble's Secrets Part II - Walking In The Shoes Of Slartibartfast ...

,----[ Quote ]
| In Part I we have seen how easy it is to create your own maps for Marble.
| We've also seen how this works down to the zoom level of aerial photos or
| OpenStreetMap. Part II will show how Marble manages to provide the biggest
| bang for the byte when it comes to providing map data. It outlines how we
| managed to get the default map squeezed into the 10MB package that the
| Marble-Qt version gets shipped with. We basically show ...    
| Why Marble is the perfect choice for Asus EeePC, OLPC & Co and some Embedded
| Devices ...  


Marble's Secrets Part I: Behind the Scenes of Marble...

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've ever followed KDE 4 development then you've probably heard about
| Marble. Marble is a virtual globe which displays the earth. So Marble can be
| used as a nice digital replacement for your desktop globe at home where you
| can look up places.  

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