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[News] Education Looking Into Free Software; Survey Studies Software Freedom

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Education IT chiefs debate open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The concept of open source software seems so firmly entrenched in higher 
| education that it comes as almost a shock to realize there's actually a 
| debate over it. But debate there was, civilized and trenchant, this week 
| during the annual Educause conference on high technology in higher education 
| in the US.    
| "It's really tough to take [commercial software] systems built for a 
| corporate world and stick them into an education world," said Bradley 
| Wheeler, vice president for IT and CIO at Indiana University, adding that one 
| recent book estimated education globally would spent US$5.5 billion 
| installing ERP, much of it in modifying commercial software to meet 
| institutional needs. "We spend so much money trying to hard fit those things 
| in."       


"Take Freedom Open Source Survey To Help Drive Open Source Direction"

,----[ Quote ]
| For enterprise IT organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs), open 
| source software eliminates high up-front license fees, provides transparent 
| access to code, and delivers high-quality capabilities honed by many 
| intelligent minds focusing on a problem.   



Outsourcing, Open Source and Budget Cuts

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, although enterprise, license-based learning management platforms
| continue to dominate the higher education landscape (56.8 percent use
| Blackboard, down from 66.3 percent last year), the potential for increasing
| open source adoption remains.


Open Source Making the Grade in Higher Education

,----[ Quote ]
| Burgeoning success for open source eLearning and a string of major university
| wins for a commercial vendor point to a trend.
| Open source and higher education have a long and storied history. After all,
| BSD Unix originally came from the University of California at Berkeley, and
| Linux itself was created while Linus Torvalds was a student at the University
| of Helsinki.


Chennai firm to sign pact with Anna University

,----[ Quote ]
| Chennai-based software training and consulting company, NACE Solutions, is
| set to sign an agreement with the Anna University's AU-KBC research centre to
| offer a joint certification programme in its flagship course – LAMP (Linux -
| Apache - MySQL - PHP).

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