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[News] Indian Patent Felon (Google) Claims Friendship with F/OSS

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Google searches for India match

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is also working closely with the open source community, as part of 
| which it offers Google infrastructure to run applications developed by Web 
| developers. The popularity of the applications developed by the open source 
| community will be an important parameter in monetising their products in the 
| future, said Ram.    
| “Whatever we borrow from the open source community, we give it back. We 
| understand the need for an ecosystem to develop any product; open source 
| applications play a very important role in our product roadmap,” he said.  


Aand  tthe same time they mock India law [1,2]. It's already being exploited to
have monopolies granted:


,----[ Quote ]
| Generally, two sets of arguments can be raised against granting patent to the 
| Virtual Matrimony Meet setup: (1) it’s a business method patent and (2) it’s 
| an attempt to patent a computer program.  
| BUSINESS METHOD: Section 3(k) of the India Patent Act reads as follows:
| “The following are not inventions within the meaning of the Act:
| A mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se or 
| algorithms.”  
| [...]
| Computer Programs and Computer Software:
| It is pertinent to note that in UK, the Aerotel approach also applies to 
| determine patentability of computer software and computer programs. Thus, in 
| order to determine patentability of computer software, the patent examiner 
| has to follow the structured four step approach to examine if there is 
| any ‘technical contribution’, in the absence of which, the software will not 
| be granted patent protection.      


[1] Google Files For Local Search And Mapping Patent In India

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has filed for a patent in India, for a map based local search
| application. This appears to essentially be a patent for Google Local on
| Mobile, a service launched in 2005, and subsequently renamed/replaced by
| Google Maps for mobile.


[2] Google seeks patent on networking site

,----[ Quote ]
| NEW DELHI: World's most visited Internet search site Google has filed a
| patent application in the country for its recently developed social network
| site based on user preferences and format performance data.

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