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[News] A Look at the GNU/Linux-based Chumby

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Open Source Alarm Clock Transcends the Nightstand

,----[ Quote ]
| Chumby runs a customized Linux distribution, and there are a few ways 
| software developers can have some fun with Chumby from recompiling the kernel 
| for added peripheral support to widget development (though Adobe Flash Lite 
| 3.0 is used to deliver/develop widgets, Chumby has a list of open source 
| Flash tools useful in widget development). And of course, since Chumby is 
| open, there are projects in the works to offer alternative ways to interact 
| with and control the device.      



Chumby: Fun, Functional, Squishy

,----[ Quote ]
| Chumby, a Linux-embedded WiFi-connected widget-delivering little squishy
| thing, is fun and functional, writes the Chicago Tribune's Eric Benderoff. A
| reader took him to task for recommending a one-trick pony that gives baseball
| scores, challenging him to check out Chumby.


Say hello to my little friend

,----[ Quote ]
| The Chumby runs on Linux and is designed with both software and hardware
| hacking in mind - offering almost unlimited flexibility.


Programmers, DIY Types Embrace Soft, Hackable Chumby

,----[ Quote ]
| "The key part of the Chumby's appeal is that it's an embedded-hardware device
| that's open," says Andrew Walton, a seasoned Linux programmer and Chumby
| software hacker who moderates his own Chumby-hacking forum. "Everyone's used
| to open source software, but with open source hardware it's a whole new game.
| When you combine them both, Chumby hackers can literally do anything they
| want."


Chumby Redux

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that George is right about where I want him, I've started to think that
| maybe it's time to add a second Chumby to the family. The problem that I'm
| having more and more with George lately is that he is so useful at what he
| does I don't want to clutter him up with other things, or move him somewhere
| else, or experiment with him. In fact, if I tried to do any of those things,
| I would probably get in trouble with the rest of the family. He belongs in
| the kitchen doing what he is currently doing. His experimental days are
| basically over.
| I'd like to set up the new Chumby as an office assistant that lives next to
| my computer. Something I can use as a photo viewer, a news/weather/sports
| reader, a webcam viewer, and to just experiment with.
| I think I'll call her Gracie.


Chumby maker nets cutest Series B round ever

,----[ Quote ]
| Chumby Industries, manufacturer of the eponymous huggable touch-screen Wi-Fi
| widget gadget, announced Monday that it has raised $12.5 million in Series B
| venture funding. The lead investor in the round was JK&B Capital, but
| existing investors Avalon Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners, and O'Reilly
| AlphaTech Ventures also contributed.


Chumby offers widgets of fun and data in miniature

,----[ Quote ]
| At its core, the Chumby is a tiny Linux-based computer stuffed into a soft,
| leather-like case that resembles a beanbag. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to the
| Internet, from which it downloads widgets that deliver specific bits of
| information to its 3.5-inch touchscreen.


Tinkerer’s Toy

,----[ Quote ]
| The Chumby is Internet-connected, runs on Linux software and is extremely
| hackable. In other words, it is a thoroughly open-source device.
| But alpha geeks are a small customer base, and Chumby Industries is betting
| that those early, tinker-mad consumers will transform its product into
| something more compelling to the rest of us. Chumby falls into the emerging
| category of “ambient” devices: instead of presenting information or
| entertainment in response to the endless searching and clicking of the Web,
| these devices serve it up without your lifting a finger. (Other examples
| include the rabbit-shaped Nabaztag, which delivers information aloud, or by
| flashing colors, and the Ambient Orb, which translates information about
| traffic data and so on into a variable glow.) In short, the Chumby model
| attracts people who crave actively creating something that will be enjoyed
| passively.


Linux-based programmable clock radio arrives

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based Chumby started shipping in limited quantities in November.
| Designed for the bedside, desktop, and kitchen counter, the alarm-clock sized
| Chumby boasts hackable, open source hardware, software, and "outerware"
| (patterns are available for those wishing to dress their chumby in new
| jackets).


The Chumby: Fun, Hackable and full of Potential

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all I give the Chumby a big thumbs up. It's fun to use and easy to
| hack so it's perfectly suited to satisfy your inner geek. It's also useful
| and cheap enough that you can convince your non-geek Significant Other to buy
| you one. If the community comes through with a decent package repository and
| tools, I see lots of potential besides just playing Flash widgets. I just
| hope that they can fix the touchscreen's responsiveness when using your
| finger instead of a stylus or the tip of your nail.


Review: Chumby

,----[ Quote
| So far it’s a nice piece of gadgetry to have around. I’ve been enjoying
| letting it auto-cycle through a bunch of channels including Woot!, Google
| News, and others, and occasionally I lookup to see what the Panda at the zoo
| is doing, which is always fun. I also find myself occasionally playing one of
| the many Flash-lite based games around, so it’s a key tool for any
| procrastinator. I could also imagine using it as a reminder tool or alarm
| clock and even having it cycle through my pictures on Picasa. The
| possibilities are definitely endless.


Linux gadget to replace the clock radio?

,----[ Quote ]
| Chumby, a venture-backed San Diego startup, is readying a
| soft, leather-covered Linux-powered gadget conceived as an
|  Internet-era replacement for clock and table radios.
| Expected to ship in "early summer," pending FCC approval,
| the "Chumby" device features open, hackable hardware,
| software, and yes, "outerware" APIs.

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