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[News] Comprehensive Looks at Ubuntu 8.10

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A User's Look at Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

,----[ Quote ]
| You've probably read more than a few reviews of Ubuntu 8.10 by now, but most 
| will have focused on technology like what bits of the kernel are new. While 
| such features are the wet dreams of programmers, it can be hard to relate 
| them to day-to-day experience. Instead, let's take an end-user look at the 
| productivity boosts that Ubuntu 8.10 brings, so you can judge if Ubuntu 8.10 
| is actually likely to offer you any benefits or not.     
| [...]
| The eternal quandary of the Ubuntu user is whether to stick with the 
| long-term support release, or upgrade to the hottest testing release. Ubuntu 
| 8.10 somehow manages to be a subtle yet significant improvement, and some of 
| the new features are extremely desirable.   


A Visual Desktop Tour of 9 Ubuntu Releases

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu, undoubtedly today's most popular Linux distribution has been around 
| for 4 years. Its first official version was released in October of 2004. In 
| the span of four years, Ubuntu has already unleashed 9 stable versions 
| including the recently released Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex".   


"Bill Gates looks at everything as something that should be his. He acts in any
way he can to make it his. It can be an idea, market share, or a contract.
There is not an ounce of conscientiousness or compassion in him. The notion of
fairness means nothing to him. The only thing he understands is leverage."

                                                --Philippe Kahn


Hands on: Ubuntu 8.10 review

,----[ Quote ]
| "Overall, Ubuntu 8.10 is a solid, polished release," says Linux Format. "Many
| of the changes, while small in themselves, improve the user experience, and
| especially make things easier for those new to Linux...


First Look: Ubuntu 8.10 Arrives, Bringing More User-Friendly Features

,----[ Quote ]
| The official next generation release of Ubuntu Linux has just landed.
| Intrepid Ibex, as this version is known, promises a number of subtle but
| important feature updates that help make Ubuntu even more user-friendly.


Ubuntu's Ibex Loads Up on Linux Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Additionally, underlying user data on Intrepid Ibex itself will be more
| secure, thanks to the ecryptfs data encryption technology it uses.


Gameloft Moves 1,000 Desktops to Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| “It’s been a pretty big deployment, well over 1000 desktops and it’s been a
| huge success,” crows the source. “Ubuntu does the same job [as Windows] for
| zero cash. The most painful thing about the change over was moving to
| Thunderbird from Outlook. No one has batted an eyelid about moving to Gnome.”

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