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[News] Dell Thin Client Comes with GNU and Ballnux

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Dell spins dual-core thin client

,----[ Quote ]
| The flash modules target installation of operating systems that include both 
| Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client 10 and Windows XP Embedded, 
| according to Dell.  


More embedded Linux:

Real-time JVM takes on multi-core

,----[ Quote ]
| Aonix is shipping a symmetric multi-processing (SMP) version of its 
| Linux-compatible real-time Java virtual machine (JVM), targeting multi-core 
| processors running Linux. Offering initial support for Concurrent's RedHawk 
| real-time Linux, "PERC Ultra SMP" optimizes PERC's garbage collection 
| techniques for complex SMP environments, says Aonix.    



Debian Etch on The Self-Reliant Thin Client

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm running what I call The Self-Reliant Thin Client on Debian Etch, a
| GNU/Linux distribution I haven't run intensively in quite some time. I also
| recently installed the PowerPC build of Etch on my Power Macintosh G4/466,
| but I've been using the converted thin client almost exclusively since I
| built it last week using an 8 GB Compact Flash module as the system's sole
| hard drive.


Sustainable computing for the masses

,----[ Quote ]
| Dukker says about 40 per cent of NComputing's customers have chosen Linux
| (the company uses Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or SuSE) and the remainder have gone
| with Windows on the host. He is careful to specify that he has no religion
| when it comes to the operating system - it is entirely the buyer's choice.
| (Of course, if he were not offering the GNU/Linux option, then he wouldn't
| have got a run here).    


Poor nations gain more choices in computing

,----[ Quote ]
| The NComputing system cuts costs tremendously. The cost per child of each
| NComputing system, for seven users, is $70 each, in a system running at just
| 1 watt per user.  



Dumb terminals provide smart solution

,----[ Quote ]
| Thin client technology is not new - it has been used widely in banking and
| sectors which want to avoid placing sensitive information on individual PCs.
| NComputing has also been deploying its technology in factories where
| operating conditions are not suitable for ordinary PCs.  


Macedonia: A New Sun of Linux Freedom Rises

,----[ Quote ]
| The Republic of Macedonia is one of the poorer nations in southeastern Europe
| to come from the break-up of the former Yugoslav republic. But thanks to
| Linux, they do have the wherewithal to get a computer to every student in the
| country, thanks to a program launched in 2005 known as the "Computer for
| Every Child" (CEC) project.    


,----[ Quote ]
| A batch of 7,000 PCs with Ubuntu Linux have been sent to Macedonian schools,
| the first of a collection that Ubuntu sponsor Canonical expects will reach
| 20,000.  


All Macedonian students to use Linux desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| NComputing announced this week that its multi-user virtual desktop software
| and low-cost virtual PC terminals will be used to equip every school child in
| the Republic of Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, with a Linux desktop.  

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