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[News] Academia Embraces Free Software, EndNote is Dumped

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Education IT chiefs debate open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Colleges and universities have launched several high-profile "community 
| source" projects to develop large-scale education applications. These include  
| the Sakai learning-management system, and more recently, the Kuali project, 
| which is creating such education-focused enterprise applications as financial 
| accounting, and expanding to develop student information systems and even 
| middleware to tie them all together.    


Statement from George Mason University on Center for History and New Media's
Zotero Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Thomson Reuters Corporation has sued the Commonwealth of Virginia over 
| Zotero, a project based at George Mason University’s Center for History and 
| New Media (CHNM). A free and open-source software initiative, Zotero aims to 
| create the world’s best research tool and has already been adopted by 
| hundreds of thousands of users at countless colleges and research 
| universities. CHNM announces that it has re-released the full functionality 
| of Zotero 1.5 Sync Preview to its users and the open source community. As 
| part of its formal response to this legal action, Mason will also not renew 
| its site license for EndNote.        



Reuters Says George Mason University Is Handing Out Its Proprietary Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Thomson Reuters demands $10 million and an injunction to stop George Mason
| University from distributing its new Web browser application, Zotero
| software, an open-source format that allows users to convert Reuters' EndNote
| Software. Reuters claims George Mason is violating its license agreement and
| destroying the EndNote customer base.



Memo to Reuters: stop spreading FUD about Novell and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The British news agency Reuters came up with a sensational bit of
| spin on Friday, US time, claiming that the Free Software Foundation
| could "ban" Novell from selling Linux.
| [...]
| What then can the FSF do? Why is this misinformation being spread?
| As to why misinformation is being spread, the reporter probably didn't
| have a clue about the subject he set out to tackle. "Ban" is a very
| good word to pull readers.

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