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[News] Another Win for Linux in the Restaurant

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Volante Systems POS & Restaurant Back Office Software: Serving Up Profits on

,----[ Quote ]
| [M]aybe it's during tough times such as these that it makes the most sense 
| to invest in a modern, efficient and flexible Linux POS and restaurant back 
| office software solution.   


McDonald's and Nando's are listed below as well.


POS systems run uClinux

,----[ Quote ]
| ExaDigm announced that it is ramping up production on a new line of 
| Linux-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The modular, PC-based terminals 
| are based on the NeoMagic MiMagic applications processor, and ship with a 
| Linux software development kit (SDK) says ExaDigm.   


Linux-based POS system ships

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux grew 32 percent year-over-year, according to figures released by IHL 
| Group. The research firm reckons Linux accounted for $475 million of the 
| $5.56 billion market, putting it third overall with an 8.5 percent market 
| share. More details can be found here.   



Gemalto First Company to Receive EMV and American Express Certifications for
its Linux-Based Payment Terminals in Italy

,----[ Quote ]
| is platform, which incorporates the MagIC Open&Sec technology running on 
| Linux, is aimed at securing the open world with unrivalled power and 
| connectivity–MagIC³ is powered by two 32-bit microprocessors and features 
| Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. In addition, its Ethernet connection 
| propels it into the Internet world.    


Point-of-sale device runs Linux from flash

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the first POS (point-of-sale) equipment vendors to adopt Linux
| will now become one of the first to offer solid-state storage. Wincor
| Nixdorf's new X-Series, due in January, will be offered with an
| Msystems mModule uDOC embedded flash disk. 
| A 30 year veteran of the retail equipment market, Wincor Nixdorf
| began offering POS devices based on Red Hat Linux in the year 2000.
| The company's Linux-based "Beetle" POS device (early versions pictured
| above and at left) soon attracted some high-volume customers, including
| Home Depot and the Papa John's pizza chain.


Wireless POS (Point of Sale) For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Research has shown that the number of POS (point of sale) terminals
| running Linux in North America has increased 80% since 2002. For
| hospitality providers, there?s good reason to go with Linux.


McDonald's pilots Linux-based electronic signage

,----[ Quote ]
| Fast-food chain McDonald's is reportedly piloting Linux-based
| electronic signage at a location in Chicago. The Golden Arches at Archer 
| Rutherford is using content-managed digital signage for menu-board
| promotion, dining- and play-room adver-tainment, and customer
| information collection, according to an article at SelfService.org. 


Nando's goes Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Nandos has 230 restaurants nationwide and each restaurant is required
| to forward detailed information from their Point of Sale (PoS) system
| directly to head office on a daily basis...

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