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Re: [News] Hard to Find Anything That Does Not Run Linux...

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 22:42:34 +0000, TomB wrote:

> On 2008-10-29, Terry Porter was urged to write the following:
>> On Fri, 24 Oct 2008 01:44:11 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> | Finally, Moore's Law and the general trend toward cheaper and faster
>>> hardware | means that Linux now fits into even more places than it did
>>> before. We | normally think of Linux as an operating system for
>>> servers, or even for | desktop computers. But we can expect Linux to
>>> be at the heart of a growing | number of appliances, from
>>> video-on-demand devices to digital video recorders | (e.g., TiVo), to
>>> cellphones (e.g., Android and OpenMoko). The Linux-powered |
>>> refrigerator, with a built-in bar-code scanner that can tell you how
>>> long ago | you bought milk, isn't far behind.
>>> `----
>>> http://ostatic.com/158401-blog/linux-is-truly-everywhere
>> My TV, a 32" LG HIDEF LCD runs Linux. I had no idea until I read the
>> users manual and found the GPL listed at the end.
> That's right. My 37" LG also runs Linux, and LG BD players are also
> Linux powered. As are some of the Sony Bravia series.

I just have to say, I really *love* this Linux powered LG TV, from the 
hidef screen and crystal clear pics, down to the beautiful exquisitely 
made hand controller.

Every button is in the perfect place for me.

Linux and extreme quality just go hand in hand, and I think LG would be 
making OODLES of $$$$ from this product, with very low failure rates.

Linux full time, on the desktop, since August 1997

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