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[News] [Rival] Vista 7 Breached, Already Open for Hijackers

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Microsoft issues security patch for unreleased software

,----[ Quote ]
| "A security issue has been identified that could allow an authenticated 
| remote attacker to compromise your Microsoft Windows-based system and gain 
| control over it," the security update says.  
| The more than 6,000 attendees who will be walking away from the sold-out 
| event with the Windows 7 operating system software in hand could have been 
| vulnerable to an attacker exploiting the security hole.  


Windows: Unsafe at Any Speed, Part Deux

,----[ Quote ]
| I like the convenience-store analogy. But when a 7-Eleven gets robbed, 
| everyone who shops there doesn't end up getting his wallet lifted. When 
| there's a critical Windows flaw like the one they patched last week, everyone 
| is vulnerable. We need more than security cameras here, bub.   
| On the other hand, using Microsoft products is a lot like eating a microwaved 
| burrito. It probably won't kill you, but you don't hear many people boasting 
| about how great it tastes. Certainly not in Cringeville, where the Mac OS and 
| various flavors of Linux own the hearts and minds of most.    


Last week:

Microsoft RPC exploit could be a packaged deal

,----[ Quote ]
| While Microsoft has labeled Thursday's emergency patch MS08-067 as "critical"
| and provided a rare out-of-cycle fix because its exploit could easily be used
| as worm on a compromised network, one security researcher doesn't think it
| will happen that way.
| "It's likely we're going to see this packaged with some other attack." said
| Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager at Symantec. "A Web-based attack, for
| example. We're looking out for are exploits of this being bundled with
| client-side exploits or Trojans so that the worm can get past corporate
| firewalls and get behind that firewall into the internal network."


Trojan attacks Microsoft's emergency patch vuln

,----[ Quote ]
| A day after Microsoft released an emergency patch for a critical flaw that
| could allow self-replicating attacks, researchers have identified a nasty
| trojan that attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

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