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[News] Linux-based Instrument Utilised for Debugging

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Espian harnesses laptop-like performance of OMAP3530 applications processor
from Texas Instruments for its latest Linux-based embedded test and debug

,----[ Quote ]
| As the pressures continue to mount on embedded system developers to do more, 
| better and faster, at the same time, the development tools these engineers 
| use are mirroring the same mantra. To ease design challenges, Espian provides 
| designers with a new embedded test and debug instrument that leverages the 
| laptop-like performance and low power levels of the OMAP35x applications 
| processor from Texas Instruments (TI). The Espian Linux-based embedded test 
| and debug instrument combines a debugger, oscilloscope and logic analyzer to 
| provide developers with superior alignment of target code execution analysis 
| with real world system-wide probed signal data and to help shorten embedded 
| system development cycles. For more information, please visit: 
| http://www.linuxinstruments.com .          


Linux gets ADA tools...

Industrial Linux gains ADA 2005 tools

,----[ Quote ]
| AdaCore is offering an embedded Linux add-on for its high-level ADA 
| development tools. GNAT Pro for Sysgo's ELinOS Linux distribution brings the 
| industrially oriented Linux distribution support for the first available 
| implementation of the ADA 2005 standard, the vendors claim.    



Embedded research foundation launches

,----[ Quote ]
| Stockholm-based KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) has established a
| research center to foster collaboration between academia and industry on
| embedded system design. The Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems (ICES) has
| signed up founding members including Ericsson, Scania, and embedded software
| company Enea.


Linux kernel maintainer calls for embedded specialist

,----[ Quote ]
| The maintainer of Linux 2.6 has called for a full-time,
| architecture-independent "embedded maintainer." Speaking at a CELF's fourth
| annual Embedded Linux Conference, Morton also told embedded developers how to
| select a kernel, get support from the kernel community, and decide whether to
| submit code to mainline.    

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