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[News] Linux Powers Gaming Console, Added to Console servers

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Opening the Gaming Gadget

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to handheld gaming, the word "open" can be a relative term. 
| Closed devices like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP rule in popularity. But 
| some gamers like to crack these machines open and uses their own homebrewed 
| wares. Beyond that, some emerging devices are Linux-based from the ground up. 
| A few are even designed so that buyers build them themselves.    
| [...]
| The Linux OS-based Wiz is equipped games and the promise of new games 
| released every month. The inventory includes: "Asura Cross Wired," a fighting 
| action game; "Her Knights," an action game; "Myride," a shooter 
| challenge; "BankGP," another shooter; "BoomShine2X," a psychedelic puzzle 
| challenge; "Snake on Dope," a snake game that vibrates the device as the 
| snake grows larger; "Space Varments," an alien battle game played on the 
| touch screen; and "Blingo2008," a modified "Slingo"-based bingo derivative.      


Console servers ship with open-source UPS tools

,----[ Quote ]
| Opengear is shipping several open-source uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 
| monitoring tools in its uClinux-based remote access equipment. In a 
| partnership with Eaton Corp., Opengear is offering its console servers 
| (pictured) with preintegrated Eaton tools derived from the open-source 
| Network UPS Tools (NUT) project, says the company.    


Days ago:

Linux Gaming Console Coming in November

,----[ Quote ]
| Envizions Computer Entertainment announced recently that the Linux-based EVO
| gaming console will be available for sale November 18.
| There have been dedicated gaming consoles that are able to run Linux, namely
| the PS3. In these cases, Linux made the console function more as a home
| computer than a gaming rig. The EVO system uses Linux to power the games.


EVO Smart Console: Playstation Competition?

,----[ Quote ]
| With its EVO Smart Console, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation out
| of Atlanta, Georgia, has brought a Linux-based console to market that should
| appeal to both gamers and multimedia fans alike.
| Now in prototype, it is initially targeted at enthusiasts, developers and
| early adopters. It is set to conquer the mass market by next year. The EVO
| Smart Console runs on the company’s Fedora 8 compatible Mirrors Evolution
| platform. The device should reach the market at about $250 through a refund
| system, with Windows for an additional $100. its hardware consists of a
| water-cooled 64-bit Athlon Quadcore 64x2 CPU running at 2.9 GHz and an ATI HD
| 3200 graphics card. The console supports HD standards 1080i and 1080p,
| includes 2 Gbytes RAM, and runs a 120-Gbyte hard drive. The box supports the
| H.264 VC1 and MPEG2 multimedia codecs and emits video signals as DVI and



Pandora project demoed on video, shows off hardware, Linux, and Quake 2

,----[ Quote ]
| It's pretty exciting stuff if you're a homebrew fan (and we know you are),
| featuring demos of the device smoothly running emulators like PicoDrive,
| PSNES, booting up a build of Linux, and even getting its Quake 2 on (at high
| frame rates and looking crystal clear).



Hands-on with GamePark's GP2X F-200

,----[ Quote ]
| Confessions up front: we're pretty hot for any device that sports some sort
| of console emulator, so when faced with GamePark Holding's GP2X, which
| currently boasts of SNES, NES, Genesis, MAME and quite a few other gems,  


Linux on PS3 plays in DARPA Urban Challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| Axion Racing tapped Linux and other open-source software to help navigate its
| driverless "Spirit" car in last week's DARPA Urban Challenge.


PS3 + Linux + Firefox = Office 2.0 computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony and a technology site are using a conference to show off a confluence of
| next-generation, monopoly-bypassing technology: a Sony Playstation 3
| videogame console running Linux and Firefox as a foundation for
| Web-based "Office 2.0" applications.
| IT|Redux, a site run by blogger and tech adviser Ismael Ghalimi, is showing
| off the system at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. IT|Redux is the
| show organizer.

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