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Re: Microsoft's drug dealer tactics

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____/ Richard Rasker on Wednesday 29 October 2008 12:19 : \____

> http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0,24897,24561082-5013040,00.html
>  "Aged care providers are shocked by Microsoft's decision to revoke their
>   not-for-profit status, which gave them access to its products at a heavily
>   discounted rate.
>   ...
>   full commercial rates would hike annual licensing fees paid by users by
>   about 400 per cent - and swallow half of the sector's annual technology
>   budget."
> Well, I guess they'll have to cut down on food, clothing and heating for the
> elderly then.
>  "The difficulty for aged care providers is that they've bet the farm on a
>   Microsoft strategy that they believed was consistent and reliable in
>   price."
> Rule #1 in IT: never, ever trust Microsoft, except for them to take your
> money. Rule #2-10 in IT: see rule #1.
>  "The software giant granted "a stay of execution" late last week ahead of
>   an IT Council meeting. Mr Barnett said Microsoft had agreed to take no
>   further action on the changes before Christmas."
> Ah, Microsoft, the great benefactor of mankind, once again shows its
> humanitarian side ... "OK, we won't ruin your Christmas -- as long as we
> get the money by December 27th."
> Let this be a lesson: This is what can happen when you let your organization
> grow dependent on a greedy bunch of known, convicted criminals, with a long
> history of bullying and price gauging.

Hey, be nice. Microsoft is poor too. Its sales of Windows are declining (watch
the revenue reports), so it's passing on the burden to poor(er) elderly people
and cracks machines of the poor(est) people of China.

We'll be seeing more of this as Microsoft approaches debt.

Now is the best time to exit from Windows. It's getting hot in here.

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