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[News] Artists Make Money by Giving Stuff Away

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Once Again, Give It Away And Pray Isn't A Business Model

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| There's an odd article over at TorrentFreak, which is usually quite good and 
| reliable. This one starts out with a title announcing that Nine Inch Nails' 
| Donation Model Doesn't Work for Most Artists. That's a questionable assertion 
| from the very start, because Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, for the most 
| part, haven't used a donation model. Instead, Reznor has very much focused on 
| using free as a part of a business model built around giving fans scarcities 
| to buy. Yet, TorrentFreak falsely states that Reznor made $1.6 million using 
| a "donation" model. That's simply untrue. He made $1.6 million by selling 
| scarce goods.         


Neil Gaiman: Piracy vs. Obscurity

,----[ Quote ]
| On Friday, 24th October, I attended an Open Rights Group event where Neil 
| Gaiman spoke about the impact of digital “piracy” on authors such as himself.  
| His thesis was that the free availability of content from books, even when it 
| is contemporaneously for sale in print, is in fact beneficial for the 
| creator.  This is, he said, because their greatest challenge, in a world 
| crowded with writers, is to be “tasted” by potential readers and publishers.     
| He recounted a few of his own experiences with publishing free content on his 
| website, noting that in each instance, the net effect was an increase in his 
| book sales.   



Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Canadian soft rocker Bryan Adams is the latest star to grumble at fans for
| plastering his name and face on unofficial websites.

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