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[News] Counterfeiting Question a Reason for Free Software

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Avoid piracy pitfalls, go open source

,----[ Quote ]
| IT’S the kind of news that should strike fear in the hearts of chief 
| executives and MIS managers who condone the use of unlicensed software in 
| their companies.  
| Earlier this month, police raided the Makati office of a large construction 
| company, seizing 24 computers loaded with pirated software. 
| Reports estimate the software at SKI Construction was worth P2 million, and 
| consisted of 27 copies of Windows XP, 25 copies of Microsoft Office 2003, 17 
| unlicensed programs from Adobe, and 16 AutoCAD installers. There’s no 
| indication why the company needed 27 copies of XP for 24 computers; maybe 
| there were some laptops that were out at the time of the raid.    
| News reports were also silent on who tipped off the authorities, though it’s 
| quite possible that it was some disgruntled employee who decided to turn in 
| his boss for a cool P1 million, the reward offered by the Business Software 
| Alliance (BSA), a trade organization that pursues anti-piracy actions around 
| the globe on behalf of its members, which include Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, 
| Symantec and SAP.      



Microsoft accused of hacking in piracy clampdown

,----[ Quote ]
| Across China thousands of computer screens are turning dark. The reason is a
| piece of software from a US firm.
| Software giant Microsoft is deactivating unauthorised copies of its Windows
| operating system, in a nation where 82% of all software is pirated – even if
| many end users do not know it.


Chinese fume at Microsoft anti-piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| China's vocal bloggers seemed stunned that their computers seemed to have
| phoned Microsoft for the anti-piracy tool without asking.
| "The computer is mine", one angry blogger penned, "Microsoft has no right to
| control my hardware without my agreement", the poor fool thought.


Microsoft sued in China for black screen of death

,----[ Quote ]
| A Chinese lawyer has filed a legal complaint against Microsoft for installing
| Windows Genuine Advantage on his computer. He has asked the Ministry of
| Public Security to file criminal charges against Microsoft.

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