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[News] Speculations About BlackBerry and Kindle Going Free Software

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Will BlackBerry and Kindle go the open source route?

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is flavor of the month in the mobile world, with Android and the 
| Symbian Foundation showing off their wares, and the vendors of other mobile 
| platforms are coming under pressure from developers and investors to consider 
| going open too.    


Big companies seem to be heading back in that direction.

BMW seeks joint vehicle electronics effort

,----[ Quote ]
| BMW AG is asking automakers to work together to make vehicle electronics more 
| innovative. 
| The automaker is developing an open-source platform for vehicle electronics 
| to allow providers of information and entertainment services to develop 
| plug-and-play applications.  
| [...]
| "We were convinced we had to develop an open platform that would allow for 
| open software since the speed in the infotainment and entertainment industry 
| requires us to be on a much faster track," said Gunter Reichart, BMW vice 
| president of driver assistance, body electronics, and electrical 
| networks. "We invite other OEMs to join with us, to exchange with us. We are 
| open to exchange with others."     



Testers sought for Blackberry-Linux sync software

,----[ Quote ]
| A developer of Mac-based sync utilities is seeking beta testers for what it
| calls "the first Linux-to-BlackBerry sync solution." Information Appliance
| Associates (IAA) is initially testing its free "PocketMac for BlackBerry,
| Linux Edition" software on Xandros Linux running the KDE PIM suite.


Free BlackBerry Downloads: Five Open Source Mobile Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Can't get enough free BlackBerry downloads? Don't worry, we're here to help.
| This week we've gathered a handful of open source apps to help customize--and
| optimize--your RIM smartphone.


Pimp your Blackberry with the Ubuntu Theme!

,----[ Quote ]
| Want linux on your blackberry? I wish there was a mod available for that but
| for now everyone can enjoy the crisp smooth Ubuntu Hardy theme on their
| blackberry smartphone!
| Check it out!

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