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[News] Support Potential of Free Software Amid Signs of Change

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Help me! I use Open Source.

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest arguments against Open Source software is that there is no 
| support for it. Many proprietary software proponents tout this as a primary 
| reason why enterprises and next door neighbours granny don't use open source 
| software.    
| [...]
| From a business and personal point of view there are many more advantages for 
| open source than there are for proprietary source programs. It will just take 
| a while for the economical hysteresis to catch up to that fact. Let me know 
| what you think and please keep things on an objective level.   


Divide and Conquer: Open Source and SaaS Take on Enterprise Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Enterprise software is under attack. Traditional infrastructure players like 
| BEA are seeing their core products replaced with free open source projects, 
| while traditional application vendors like Oracle/Siebel are being displaced 
| by SaaS. But is this a slugfest with only one winner? Will SaaS and open 
| source ultimately turn against each other for dominance of the software 
| business model - WWF Smack Down style - where the once united tag team, after 
| conquering their opponent, starts to fight between themselves? Actually I  
| think not. Just as I don't see traditional enterprise software disappearing 
| completely, I believe both SaaS and open source are naturally suited to 
| different parts of the market and in fact will coexist quite naturally.        



Open Source Is the Big Disruptor

,----[ Quote ]
| Wurster also spoke on some of the market accelerators to open source, which 
| included the low barriers to entry and increased return on investment, the 
| availability of high-quality solutions at low cost, the access to open 
| standards and development processes, vendor independence and flexibility—
| resulting in investment protection—and faster procurement and a shorter 
| development time.     


Calling all disruptors: the perfect storm of SOA, SaaS, and open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The SOA/SaaS/open-source combination is a highly potent disruption force, 
| and we ain't seen nothing yet. 


Meet the 'New Disruptors': Executives Finding Success in Shaking Up Their

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat develops and provides support for Linux software services.
| [...]
| "I have an amazing amount of respect for what Bob built," he added. "I
| think Red Hat is one of the most successful companies to ever come from 
| NC, and as I told Bob that night I just hope that Motricity will one day
| be seen in the same league as companies like Red Hat and SAS here in 
| the triangle!"


Constructive disruption: an enterprise perspective on open source

,----[ Quote ]
| It was refreshing to hear how ardently each panelist spoke of the
| benefits of open source. These are significant, global brand names,
| and each is leveraging open source to discover value and drive
| innovation. The tide surely has turned in open source's favor.


Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Portfolio Mover Of The Week: Red Hat 

,----[ Quote ]
| This was the second quarter in a row in which Red Hat's multiyear deals
| grew significantly compared with the prior year, and some investors
| probably see this as a sign that the company is discounting
| contracts. Pricing pressure of this sort is a particularly
| important issue for investors now that Oracle is offering a
| discounted alternative to Red Hat.


Having Fun With Disruptive Models

,----[ Quote ]
| Net software infrastructure is another classic example. Imagine a world
| where no free Linux or Apache or MySQL existed and then imagine how
| many billions Microsoft and Sun have lost because they do.
| [...]
| The answer to the business model for static media is, unless someone has
| a flash of business genius, likely to be that beautiful, ugly word "free." 
| Free, of course, comes in more shades than Eskimo snow, but whatever shade 
| of free your music is, if you are paying .001 cents more on a can of Coke, 
| you're not going to be complaining much. The money will still be flowing, 
| but the bill to you will be bundled into some other cost like the 
| advertising margin in your groceries. With all this "free," it's easy to 
| think dot-com stands for dot-communism, but in reality, it's just an 
| efficient market at work. In the meantime, we should all be trying to think 
| up crazy ideas like text adverts in little boxes down the side of Web 
| pages.


Disruption in the Software Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| Many corporate IT managers considered Linux to be woefully inadequate
| in its early days and for the most part, they were right.  But it
| was good enough for quick and dirty applications and for
| provisioning non-critical systems like file & print servers and
| web servers.  As the web started to grow in importance, those
| niche applications became more prevalent and Linux continued to
| get better.  Now you find Linux in pretty much every corporate
| data center in the world. 


Standards and Disruptive Technologies

,----[ Quote ]
| Look for more and more recognition of the importance of
| standards-based co-opetition in the years ahead -- and for the
| success of more disruptive technologies as a result.

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