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[News] Additional Software That Makes Firefox So Good

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FireFox 3 Add-ons Recommendation List

,----[ Quote ]
| The add-ons listed here will block ads, expand functionality, notify you when 
| you have mail, or just help you make web pages. Each add-on listed below is 
| an excellent addition to the browser in its own way. The success of the 
| Firefox 2 Add-ons list really drives us to get this up-to-date.   


Firefox Add-ons - Manage browser add-ons in centralized manner - Tutorial

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3 has been out some time and I just realized I have not reviewed it 
| all. Well, it's about time. Today, I'm going to talk about Firefox add-ons. 
| Veteran Firefox users need no introduction, but hold your horses! Firefox 3 
| brings in a new, refreshing centralized way of managing the add-ons, without 
| bothering with manual visiting different websites and downloading themes and 
| extensions. This may be something you did not know - or just plain missed, 
| being used to Firefox the way it was up until version 3.       


The 10 lamest Firefox add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| We have angels and devils living in our heads, and they're having a fight 
| about Firefox. 


Privacy UI

,----[ Quote ]
| As many of you probably know, I’ve been a big proponent of adding a private 
| browsing mode to Firefox ever since I joined Mozilla (technically I was even 
| advocating for the feature while in the process of interviewing here). So 
| after two years, you can’t imagine how pleased I am to finally be doing some 
| design work as we prepare to ship the feature. We all owe a tremendous thanks 
| to Ehsan for his awesome work and consistent determination to get the feature 
| implemented.      



Mozilla Firefox 3.1 on Its Way to Setting Web Video Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox has a huge user base and acceptance from web developers, which
| theoretically makes Mozilla less vulnerable to submarine patent lawsuits, as
| companies would risk in terms of image if such actions were taken, as
| Mitchell Baker commented at the Products and Technology Roadmap Mozilla
| Summit session. Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Interim VP of Engineering,
| added, "Somebody had to do it. It’s good it was us."

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