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[News] More Fun and Games with GNU/Linux

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Sharpen Your Mind and Have Fun With Tux

,----[ Quote ]
| It is time to take a break from Linux commands and have some fun playing 
| computer games. Luckily, the open source software community offers many 
| gaming and educational choices among the other applications. Whether you want 
| to exercise your own mind or give a child a new learning tool, there are many 
| free games and applications out there to help build and exercise knowledge. 
| You might find on-the-screen puzzles, memory games, games to build math, 
| reading or writing skills, or even applications to explore outer space. The 
| same goes with entertainment software; you can find fun and interesting games 
| out there for free. You can your sharpen card games or board games, create 
| and run your own empire with strategy games, fly or race with simulators, or 
| shoot 'em up in action games.          



Gaming on Ubuntu (Linux)

,----[ Quote ]
| There is also always the opportunity to run a virtual machine to run your
| windows programs (that will be the topic of my next post). So, next time
| someone says to you that they don’t want to switch to Linux because they
| won’t be able to play games, you might want to correct them.

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