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[News] KDE4 Gets Mom's Approval, Killer Applications Listed

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Mom-compatible Kubuntu Intrepid with KDE4

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall a nice demonstration of how Mom-compatible both Kubuntu and KDE4 
| already are, enabling a computer newbie to use her computer without 
| those "horrible beeps" and restarts she experienced before. She doesn't miss 
| Windows at all and say that it's far more beautiful and not more difficult 
| now than before :-)    


KDE and the apps that keep the dragon hot

,----[ Quote ]
| All of these apps have become killer apps for me. If i need to work on a 
| different platform, all of them are sorely missed. A lot of people like to 
| say that Linux will always lag behind, always play catch up, and open source 
| projects discourage innovation. The entire KDE 4 project goes in the face of 
| this sentiment. There is more innovation in any one of these 5 apps than 
| there are in most multi-million dollar closed application suites. The time of 
| open source clones left with single colored title bars, it's time for the big 
| corporates to start cloning the open source projects.       


Amarok October Updates

,----[ Quote ]
| Amarok 2 is really gearing up to become a great piece of software. We are all 
| are frantically trying to find any time we can steal from our busy schedules 
| of work, study, and good-times to put some of that extra special attention to 
| detail and polish on the application.   



Quick Look at KDE 4.2-SVN

,----[ Quote ]
| As the work on KDE 4.2 turns out to be on quite an advanced stage, I’ve
| decided to test the current development version.


KDE 4.1.2 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE Community Improves Desktop with KDE 4.1.2 Codenamed "Codename"
| KDE Community Ships Second Translation and Service Release of the 4.1 Free
| Desktop, Containing Numerous Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and
| Translation Updates

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