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[News] Examples of Great Technologies that GNU/Linux Pioneered

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Innovating Up the Mobile Linux Stack

,----[ Quote ]
| "Eye candy" and usability will be the critical success factors in the mobile 
| market -- putting the emphasis squarely on demanding more from the user 
| interface. Flexible and open user interface technologies will be the key 
| enablers behind the newest, most compelling user experiences. And what 
| openness delivers is the ability to enable developers to focus on the 
| essential end user experience as well as allow for new kinds of 
| differentiation.      



Linux is at the heart of today's innovation.

,----[ Quote ]
| I recently consulted with a company regarding various matters, one of which 
| was IT. I advised them that they could substantially cut their IT costs by 
| using Linux. I expected the usual resistance, but instead was greeted with a 
| smile and an emphatic "Absolutely!". Wow! I was stunned and so pleased to 
| realize that I was not the only one that "got it".    
| Now, I'm looking at this recent BusinessWeek "The World's Most Innovative 
| Companies..." list. Let's see, who do I recognize on here that uses or is 
| involved in Linux?  
|     * Google - they use Linux for a substantial part of their operation.
|     * Nintendo - the Wii runs on Linux.
|     * Hewlett-Packard - HP is very Linux friendly. I'm somewhat surprised 
|       they've not launched a Linux desktop for the consumer market yet. 
|     * Walt Disney - uses Linux to create magic!

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