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[News] H-P Drops Price of Ballnux Laptops by 40%

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Get a Linux-powered HP Netbook for $299 shipped

,----[ Quote ]
| In the market for a Netbook? Amazon has the baseline HP 2133 on sale for 
| $299, down from $499. Right away that solves one of the HP's main problems: 
| its high price. Best of all, this is a new unit--not a refurb--and you don't 
| have to deal with any rebates.   



HP offers Linux on low-end mini-notes

,----[ Quote ]
| HP has started shipping a $500 mini-notebook pre-installed with SUSE Linux.
| Boasting perhaps the largest keyboard in its class, the HP 2133 Mini-Note has
| an 8.9-inch WXGA display, 4GB of solid-state storage, 512MB of RAM, and a
| 1GHz Via C7 processor, with ExpressCard and SD-card expansion.


Hands on with HP's Mini-Note netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| For a lot less money, you can get a much less powerful Mini-Note. Prices
| start at US$499 for a Mini-Note running on SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
| from Novell, a 3-cell lithium ion battery and a 4G byte flash memory module
| for storage. And there are rival netbooks even less expensive than the
| cheapest Mini-Note, such as Acer's Aspire one, which I found for NT$13,500
| (US$440) at one store in Taipei.
| [...]
| HP describes the Mini-Note as "Small but Mighty" on its Web site, and I
| couldn't agree more. It's stylish, sturdy and easy to type on.
| But it's one device where the major drawbacks, the heavy price tag and slow
| boot up and run time with Vista really hurt. Netbooks should be inexpensive
| and run fast, and some rivals to the Mini-Note that use XP or Linux OSs are
| better at that.


32 Ultra-Mobile PCs That Run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| [...]
| # MSI Wind
| # Aware A-Pad
| # 3K RazorBook
| # Sylvania G
| # Gigabyte M912V
| # Unnamed GeCube
| # VIA OpenBook
| # Ink Mobile
| # VDL Jisus
| # Lenovo IdeaPad S10
| # Dell E


Linux MID stack to debut at IDF

,----[ Quote ]
| Boasting a switch to RPM packaging, Moblin 2.0 is designed for MIDs based on
| the Intel Atom processors.


Otellini: 'MID revolution will be centred round Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel CEO says Microsoft's insistence on pushing Vista will hand market to
| open source rival
| Intel's CEO has said that he sees the revolution that is about to happen
| around mobile internet devices (MID) such as the Eee PC and other Atom-based
| sub-notebooks will be "centred round Linux", in an interview with Associated
| Press.

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