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[News] Lindependence 2008 Lands in More US Cities

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Linux Reaches Out To Portland - Lindependence 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| So a success? Yeah, I'd call it that. We can do better and we will. Next 
| stop? Sometime after the holidays in a little place called Taos New Mexico. 
| First though, look for some upcoming articles and Spotlight blogs on 
| TouchStone Technology, Loye Young of Issac and Young Computer company and of 
| course...one of the people you might least expect to become a Python 
| Scriptor.     


"Windows 98 without Internet Explorer 4 is a working operation system and
Internet Explorer 4.0 is not an vital part of Windows 98."

                                          --Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols


Lindependence: A Low-Key Revolution in Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Cafiero became a believer in 2006 when he was running as the Green Party
| candidate for state insurance commissioner. He was moaning about having to
| shell out hundreds of dollars to buy Photoshop to prepare his campaign
| brochures. A party official told him about GIMP, a free application that runs
| on Linux machines and would pretty much do the same thing. Now he's decided
| to spread the word.


Go Forward The Message.

,----[ Quote ]
| Lindependence 2008 was never meant to be the the end-all of it's kind.This
| didn't end in a sleepy little California town. It was simply a way to prime
| the pump and make sure the second leg of the race would be run.


When It Comes to Openness, Think Beyond the Code

,----[ Quote ]
| It shouldn't stop there. There are many open source advocates and
| organizations doing incredible things in both the FOSS and "real life"
| communities, things that can be replicated (with a few modifications)
| elsewhere. These incredible efforts, like source code, grow and become solid,
| sound, and innovative when more people get involved.


Linux devotee tries to spread the word

,----[ Quote ]
| "Where do you find a movement that doesn't have greed behind it?" says Bob
| Lewis, 68, a Lindependence foot soldier from Felton who stopped by Cafiero's
| office as we talked.
| And let's face it, in the cold, calculating world of technology, we could use
| a few movements that are powered by something other than money. The idea
| seems to be resonating in Felton and beyond.


Felton, California Residents Eschew Proprietary Software

,----[ Quote ]
| It takes a village? How about a whole city? How about 100 cities? I enjoyed
| this item from LinuxInsider about residents of Felton, California who pledged
| to go proprietary software-free for at least a week. If you've ever been to
| Felton, which has a Santa Cruz-like countercultural flavor, this pledge makes
| sense. Felton isn't alone, though. As LinuxInsider reports, similar plans are
| in place for towns in Oregon and New Mexico, and 100 towns in Italy.


Visions of a Microsoft-Free World

,----[ Quote ]
| Is free software taking over the world one town at a time? Residents of
| Felton, Calif., recently pledged to go proprietary-free for at least a week.
| Plans for similar events are reportedly under way in town in Oregon and New
| Mexico, as well as 100 towns in Italy.


Event aims to bring Lindependence to one California town

,----[ Quote ]
| What is going well? Starks reports there will be some national coverage,
| including a possible National Public Radio feature and partial coverage from
| Fox News. Also, there are rumblings of other towns that may wish to try the
| same kind of event. Both Starks and Cafiero have already been asked by others
| if they could replicate this event. In fact, Cafiero says, "I would like to
| consult with those who may be interested in doing a Lindependence project in
| their communities as soon as possible. It doesn't have to be your whole town,
| either -- it can be a local school, a local school system, any group that you
| think might benefit from GNU/Linux and FOSS."


One Down...Three to go.

,----[ Quote ]
| The first Lindependence project set sail into the history books today, July
| 14th 2008.
| It went well. Extremely well.

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