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[News] Filing Notes in GNU/Linux and Why Everything Belongs in Files

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Basket Note Pads: Open source replacement for Microsoft OneNote

,----[ Quote ]
| I have started using Basket to organize my thoughts and ideas for the novels 
| I write. I find it a great way to slap up various thoughts, ideas, and 
| inspirations for what I am working on. In fact, I have come to leave this 
| application open on my desktop 24/7. You never know when inspiration is going 
| to hit. And when inspiration hits you never know just how it’s going to hit. 
| It might be a Web page, a song, a bit of text, anything. With Basket up and 
| running, I know I can always keep track of those inspirations and organize 
| them in any way I need.       


Everything is (and should be) a file

,----[ Quote ]
| As mentioned earlier, I installed Linux on somebody's laptop recently. 
| Somebody who just wants to see what Linux is like, not somebody who knows 
| much (or anything) about it.  



Torvalds to kernel hopefuls: Think 'trivial'

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Taylor, president of the Open Source Consortium, told ZDNet.co.uk on
| Friday that, in general, enterprise-class open-source projects are designed
| to scale appropriately.
| "The whole process scales very well," said Taylor. "Normally the people you
| find at the core (of open-source projects) are professional software
| engineers; these guys know how to run software projects."
| Torvalds' and Taylor's comments follow the recent publication of a guide to
| Linux kernel development by the Linux Foundation, which aims to prevent
| developers becoming frustrated with the process.

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