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[News] Linux Kernel Development Reports from Heise Online

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Kernel Log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 4: Improved graphics support

,----[ Quote ]
| Two collections of patches (1, 2) proposed by the maintainer of the Direct 
| Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) have incorporated numerous graphics hardware 
| support improvements into the main development branch. This is the 
| development branch which will produce Linux version 2.6.28 at the end of this 
| year or at the beginning of next year.    


Kernel Log: New Atheros WLAN drivers and stable kernels, radeon vs. radeonhd

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Wi-Fi specialist and developer Luis R. Rodriguez, who has worked for 
| Atheros for several months now, has announced the release of the Otus driver 
| under the ISC open source licence. This driver for Atheros UB81, UB82 and 
| UB83 802.11n USB Wi-Fi chips has been released to have it integrated into the 
| main development branch of Linux as soon as possible. That this approach can 
| work very well was already demonstrated by ath9k. The kernel hackers 
| integrated it into the main development branch that recently produced Linux 
| 2.6.27 only a few weeks after its release in July. As the next versions of 
| Fedora, OpenSuse and Ubuntu will come with this kernel version, all three 
| will also include ath9k.         


Tuning the Linux file system Ext3

,----[ Quote ]
| Ext3 is the standard file system for Linux: It is robust, fast and suitable 
| for all fields of use. And yet Ext3 can become a performance bottleneck. Even 
| fragmentation is an issue with Ext3.  



A Preview Of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting

,----[ Quote ]
| Kernel-based mode-setting is a great advancement for Linux and X.Org with it
| being a feature that delivers noticeable benefits to the end-user -- a
| cleaner flicker-free boot process, fast and reliable VT switching, improved
| suspend-and-resume support, and soon enough will be making
| fast-user-switching even faster. This is just the tip of the iceberg and more
| benefits, such as graphical diagnostic capabilities, should be able to
| flourish as a result of kernel-based mode-setting.      


Not sure what to buy for Wireless? Buy Atheros

,----[ Quote ]
| Atheros has now stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run on
| Open-Licensed support for their wireless drivers, and not just any any
| wireless drivers. The code for their latest 802.11n cards is already online :
| http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k
| According to Mad Wifi, Atheros has hired Luis Rodriguez and Jouni Malinen,
| who are going to continue to work on the driver. That means this release
| isn't a simple code dump to look good on paper. Nor is the release
| semi-opened up, it's under the ISC License, which is what the radically
| open-licensed OpenBSD developers are using.


Atheros Releases Free Linux Driver For Its 802.11n Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Atheros has released a shiny new Atheros driver for all their 11n devices
| aimed for inclusion in the Linux kernel. This new driver has no proprietary
| HAL and is licensed under the ISC license, so the BSD community should be
| able to benefit as well. Note: no firmware required!


Atheros Releases 802.11n Linux Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| Last September we reported that MadWiFi was abandoning their proprietary HAL
| and really the driver itself for that matter. The developers behind the
| popular MadWiFi Linux driver were ceasing work on it in favor of starting up
| a new driver called ath5k using OpenHAL. Two of the key developers were also
| hired by Atheros, the wireless chipset company itself. Through these recent
| improvements, Atheros has went from a company being criticized for their lack
| of Linux support to one with impecable possibilities.

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