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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Employee: Vista Rendered Us Toast

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Microsoft employee admits switching to a Mac

,----[ Quote ]
| One poster wrote: "I've been an MS employee for a long time, and I knew we 
| were toast the first time I laid hands on a Vista based machine."


Watch the comments too.


Microsoft Brings Linux to the Desktop

,----[ From a comment ]
| Years ago, I used to work for Microsoft. I remember watching--with
| some awe--the about-face that we made when Steve Ballmer finally
| convinced BillG that Netscape and the Internet were indeed a direct
| threat to the Windows franchise. That's when you started seeing
| CraptiveX show up in Internet Exploder, IIS being included "for
| free" in Windows NT Server, the corrupted Java implementation,
| etc. Essentially, that's when we all of a sudden became "the
| Internet company," embracing, extending, and corrupting all the
| way. It was kinda scary watching how fast we turned on that dime.
| I was also there when Microsoft tried to buy out Intuit, since
| we discovered that we couldn't beat them. The anti-trust watchdogs
| in the US Government "got in our way," as the top suits put it.
| We eventually abandoned that and continued with MS Money. The
| bosses were livid, and so were the employees, nearly all of whom
| (including me back then) owned stock. We resolved never, ever to
| let that happen again.
| In 1998, I finally began to wake up. These days, I've been
| constantly pressured to use MS Windows XP, and now Vista. For
| four years, I've told them all to go jump in the lake. I use
| GNU/Linux in a "Microsoft shop." And I've kept my job somehow. :-)
| Folks, Microsoft will do anything and everything to kill off any
| competitor, real or perceived. I've seen it. What they
| represent--the destruction of our freedom--is our enemy. I'm not a
| Linux zealot, or even a GNU/Linux zealot. I'm a Freedom zealot. And
| I fight for it every day.
| As for Novell, you're right; to heck with Novell. Let us all simply
| avoid SuSE like the plague...and may Novell learn the hard way never
| to betray us again.

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