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[News] [Rival] Bad Week for Microsoft, Worse Future Ahead

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Tough times ahead for Microsoft, analysts predict

,----[ Quote ]
| Like most technology companies, Microsoft Corp. has seen its fortunes dwindle 
| over the past year. Through a failed acquisition of beleaguered search 
| operator Yahoo! Inc. to the bad public relations image it has tried to shake 
| off through a much-ballyhooed advertising campaign with Jerry Seinfeld, 
| Microsoft’s stock has dropped almost 30% over the past year, including a 7.8% 
| plunge during Wednesday’s trading session on the Nasdaq index to US$21.53.     


Too Bad, Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, the days of fat feasts at Mr. Softy are over. Last night's fiscal 
| first-quarter results for the world's biggest software company confirm it. 


Does the Munchkins budget get the axe too?


Confirmed: Microsoft Gives Up On MSN Groups, Hands It Off To Multiply

,----[ Quote ]
| The rumor was originally reported earlier today after a series of emails were
| posted to a MSN Discussion newsgroup, and has since been confirmed by both
| Multiply and Microsoft through a blog post.


Microsoft to ditch MSN Groups?

,----[ Quot ]
| An e-mail snafu has led to the leak of Microsoft's decision to shutter its
| MSN Groups service, according to LiveSide.net.


Microsoft Slaps PC Gamers, Decides to Close Ensemble Studios

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite its legacy of producing some of the very finest strategy games with
| its Age of Empire and Age of Mythology series, Microsoft decided that it
| would be financially disadvantageous to continue to operate the wholly-owned
| Ensemble Studios.


Microsoft Burns Down Book Search

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing poor demand, Microsoft will back away from scanning and indexing books
| and academic works for Live Search


MSN Music Debacle Highlights EULA Dangers

,----[ Quote ]
| MSN Music’s EULA is a case in point. When active, MSN Music's webpage touted
| that customers could “choose their device and know its going to work”.
| But when customers went to purchase songs, they were shown legalese that
| stated the download service and the content provided were sold without
| warrantee. In other words, Microsoft doesn't promise you that the service or
| the music will work, or that you will always have access to music you bought.
| The flashy advertising promised your music, your way, but the fine print
| said, our way or the highway.


Will the Xbox 360 survive past Christmas?

,----[ Quote ]
| The red rings of death issue simply refuses to go away for Microsoft, and no
| matter how much it reduces the cost and extends the warranty one simple
| question remains: will the Xbox 360 ever be fit for purpose?


The Xbox 360 is dead

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a report, if some Australian retailers had their way, the Xbox
| 360 would be dumped from their shelves.

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