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[News] More Open Source Culture and Intelligence

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Clutch Tees Celebrate Open Source Culture

,----[ Quote ]
| In today's open source culture, appropriating and altering images, ideas and 
| phrases has been elevated to a new art form. However, one Washington DC-area 
| company is capitalizing on the surge and taking it to a new level. The 
| products and designs that grace Clutchtees.com are unique designs, which 
| comment on, or transform the fiction of media to the reality of life.    


SPARTA Establishes Open Source Support Centre in Martinsville

,----[ Quote ]
| SPARTA’s Martinsville operation will provide focused open source support to a 
| variety of defense customers. One of the primary objectives of the effort is 
| to track world-wide missile technology proliferation through research of 
| publicly available sources of information.   



Jamendo goes offline to support Free culture

,----[ Quote ]
| Jamendo, the world’s largest platform for free music downloads under Creative
| Commons licenses and a supporter of Free culture, is reinforcing his offline
| presence all over Europe.
| So far in 2008, Jamendo took part in events such as The Great Escape Festival
| in Brighton (UK), the Feria del Disco de Música Libre in Spain, The CC
| Festival in Parma (Italy), and the Open Music Contest in Marburg, Germany. In
| the course of next few months, Jamendo is going to continue in that
| direction, as an illustration of its will to play a role in the world of Free
| culture, not just virtually but also offline, by sponsoring and supporting
| such events.


Free Culture 2008 Conference Summary

,----[ Quote ]
| This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Free Culture 2008, hosted by
| Students for Free Culture (an organization whose Georgetown chapter I started
| last semester). The organizers did a great job bringing together a wide array
| of participants for a fun, informative weekend.


Report from Free Culture 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re reading this for the first time and have no idea what it is all
| about, the wiki contains a lot more information. The whole idea basically
| started from a few of us (mostly CC-affiliated academics) thinking that we
| need a forum to exchange our ideas and findings on research pertaining to
| aspects of the digital commons.


Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is Born!

,----[ Quote ]
| Jono Bacon has announced the very first Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase!
| For a long time now we have been shipping a package called example-content
| with each release of Ubuntu. This package provides a bunch of different
| pieces of content including audio, video, PDFs, OpenOffice.org documents and
| more. The idea is that you can use this content to kickstart your new Ubuntu
| system and see what it can do. example-content has been really useful, but it
| has been languishing a little recently, and then we had a rather interesting
| idea…


Free Culture Gaming - 1st game night Saturday 8pm EDT

,----[ Quote ]
| Some folks from Free Culture at Virginia Tech came up with and, more
| impressively, actually started a Free Culture Gaming club! Every week Free
| Culture Gaming will get together to play free games online with other free
| culture aficionados. All of the games we play will be 100% free software and
| free content, as per our standards.


Students for Free Culture Conference 2008



Free Culture Manifesto

,----[ Quote ]
| The mission of the Free Culture movement is to build a bottom-up,
| participatory structure to society and culture, rather than a top-down,
| closed, proprietary structure. Through the democratizing power of digital
| technology and the Internet, we can place the tools of creation and
| distribution, communication and collaboration, teaching and learning into the
| hands of the common person — and with a truly active, connected, informed
| citizenry, injustice and oppression will slowly but surely vanish from the
| earth.      


Missing perspectives in "Free Culture"

,----[ Quote ]
| * Software and hardware are seen as tools for creating media such as
| image, text, music, movie etc.
| * Cultural production is seen only as the work done in the studio or the
| work done with tools for media production.


Copyright, bad faith, and software licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| Copyright is, in the American tradition, offered to copyright holders
| to encourage publication, particularly of new ideas, by providing a
| temporary restriction on the public's rights, often as a means toe
| nable monetary gain. This temporary restriction is not unlimited either
| in duration or scope, as it cannot strip users of other natural rights,
| and so is further balanced by the idea of fair use [2] (also known as
| fair dealing). Some nations, in fact, even go further by including not
| only copyright, but also fair use, as part of their national
| constitutions. Hence, like in a contract, we have a bargain that has
| been negotiated, between copyright holders and users, with both parties
| having specific obligations to each other. Copyright is not meant to
| maximize copyright holder's profits, but rather to provide sufficient
| incentive to promote publication.

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