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[News] DeviceVM Makes Linux Bypass Windows on Many Millions of PCs

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In Age of Impatience, Cutting Computer Start Time

,----[ Quote ]
| Until Microsoft comes up with a way to greatly shorten the time it takes to 
| load Windows, PC makers are speeding up boot times using programs that bypass 
| Windows. The systems vary technically, but they all rely on a version of an 
| operating system called Linux that gives users quick access to Web browsing 
| and other basic functions of their computer. In some cases, Windows never 
| boots, while in others, Windows starts in the background.     
| DeviceVM, the maker of a fast-boot program called Splashtop, says it charges 
| PC makers $1 to $2 a machine for its software. The company hopes to make more 
| revenue over the long term by charging other software providers that want to 
| include their applications in the menu of programs accessible without a full 
| boot.    


It's already put on many Dell laptops and ASUS mobos. H-P soon to announce it


SplashTop Linux On HP, Dell Notebooks?

,----[ Quote ]
| Days after we delivered that inaugural review, we found out DeviceVM was in
| talks with OEMs about shipping SplashTop on desktops and notebooks.
| [...]
| In addition to the instant-on Linux excitement this week for the HP Envy 133,
| Dell is apparently working on a similar Linux solution. Engadget has shared
| details surrounding the Dell E and E Slim.


Asus laptops get ‘instant-on Linux’

,----[ Quote ]
| The Splashtop OS, which Asus rebrands as Express Gate, consist of a
| proprietary real-time ‘core engine’ called by the notebook’s BIOS, atop which
| sits a highly customised Linux stack


Asus to launch laptops with Linux Net software

,----[ Quote ]
| Asustek plans to equip its laptop PCs with Linux software that allows fast
| access to the Internet and multimedia files.

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