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[News] Google's SaaS and Mobile GNU/Linux Plan Working Out Well

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Google Chrome: It’s all about the Javascript

,----[ Quote ]
| Chrome, Google’s new browser, was barely out of its wrapping before Internet 
| pundits began writing it off. As the first wave of early-adopter enthusiasts 
| lost interest in their experiments and returned to their original browsers, 
| so analysts began to declare Chrome dead. But there is a far more interesting 
| set of dynamics at work. Google is not after Microsoft’s share of the browser 
| market: it’s after something much bigger.     


Android Source Accepts 5 Patches Within Hours

,----[ Quote ]
| The beauty of open source, when implemented correctly, is that the hive mind 
| fixes problems.  Sometimes companies and organizations get so caught up in 
| details that they might overlook something else.  Android was released as 
| open source on Monday and literally hours later, patches started coming in.   


Open source in mobile phones: challenges for ISVs

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is the emerging development methodology for mobile phones, 
| reducing operational costs, harnessing innovation and shortening time to 
| market for new devices and services.  
| With both Nokia and Google already choosing an open source model for their 
| mobile platforms over the past twelve months, the pressure is on independent 
| software vendors (ISVs) in the mobile market to adopt an open source 
| strategy.   


Open-source platforms gathering momentum, Telsyte

,----[ Quote ]
| Telsyte’s latest research into Australia’s smartphone market reveals that the 
| country’s annual smartphone shipment has grown by almost 40 times from five 
| years ago and that nearly three in 10 mobile phones sold this year will be 
| smartphones.     
| "2008 has been the year of the smartphone in Australia, with a record 50 
| models introduced this year alone,” said Warren Chaisatien, Telsyte Research 
| Director..."  



Is Android Google's Ticket into the Enterprise?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc.'s Android project could be the start of a much larger enterprise
| strategy, according to one industry analyst. But before the search engine
| giant can threaten Microsoft's enterprise supremacy, most observers of
| wireless industry efforts agree that the company's open source OS platform
| will need to regain support from its development community.


Google Exec: Android To Beat iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| Rich Miner even went after Apple's handheld darling.  "Once you have devices
| out there from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and so on, there's a much larger
| potential market on Android than for the iPhone," he said.  "[T]here's a
| single manufacturer, it's targeted at a particular demographic, and it falls
| far short of the 1 billion mobile phones sold every year worldwide."    


iPhone vs. Android : An Open Source Devs Perspective

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Andrea Gazzaniga, software development manager at mobile open
| source vendor Funambol the answer is not entirely clear. In a rambling
| overflow presentation at AjaxWorld's iPhone Sumitt, Gazzaniga attempted to
| outline the differences and similiaraties between iPhone and Android.  

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