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[News] OpenSSH Interview; Linux Security Benchmark Certification

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Life in the trenches: an OpenSSH developer speaks

,----[ Quote ]
| For Miller to dip his toes in these waters is rather far from his roots - he 
| is a self-taught developer, one who, like many others, had an interest in 
| computers in his young days but then turned to other interests until some 
| years had passed.   
| "My parents got me my first computer when I was about eight," he says. "Back 
| in those days, owning a computer was very conducive to learning how to 
| program because they didn't do much unless you programmed them to do 
| something or bought some software which wasn't particularly widely available 
| in Australia.    


Configuresoft Awarded Red Hat Enterprise Linux Benchmark Certification From
Center for Internet Security

,----[ Quote ]
| Configuresoft, the world's leading enterprise server configuration management 
| company, today announced that Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration 
| Manager (ECM) was awarded Red Hat Enterprise Linux Benchmark Certification 
| from the Center for Internet Security (CIS). This certification is based on 
| Configuresoft's industry leading configuration management and assessment 
| capabilities that help organizations achieve and maintain a secure and 
| compliant environment with CIS Benchmark recommendations for Red Hat 
| Enterprise Linux systems.       



All systems go for validation of updated OpenSSL module

,----[ Quote ]
| Weathersby says the OSSI has reason to believe the complaints came from 
| proprietary vendors hoping to initiate a FUD campaign that would create doubt 
| in the minds of government agencies who were considering using OpenSSL as a 
| data exchange solution.   


,----[ Quote ]
| "After a long and arduous journey that included a suspended validation last
| year .. OpenSSL has regained its FIPS 140-2 validation"
| "We called it the FUD campaign," he says. "There were all kinds of
| complaints sent to the CMVP including one about 'Commie code.' .. Silly or
| no, each complaint that's filed really slows down the process."
| "the ones they did see often contained redacted, or blacked-out, data about
| who had filed the complaint .. in some cases, proprietary software vendors
| were lodging the complaints.

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