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Re: Microsoft launch Anti Piracy Day

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 18:25:01 -0400, Moshe Goldfarb. wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 17:07:53 -0500, Terry Porter wrote:
>>> For another thing, most corporate license agreements do allow for an
>>> employee to use most of the products off the premises on the provision
>>> that it is contributing to the corporate's interests.  That is a
>>> difficult thing to argue as to whether an individual's mixed use of
>>> the privilege represents piracy.
>> Only the Flatfish would throw that one in, in order to explain why he
>> never pays for Windows software.
> I realize selling $40.00 LinkSys routers to clients is big for you
> Terry,

Too much Windows Kool Aid for you Flatfish. your grip on reality is even 
weaker than in 2001 when I was last posting on COLA.

> however, when you consult for a company, your contract SHOULD
> specify that said company provides you with legal copies of the software
> that the company uses so that you are well equipped to do your job.

As a Windows user, this concerns you, not me. I don;t subcontract for 
anyone that uses Windows.

I have no such onerous license obligations regarding the Linux using 
companies I do remote Linux admin for.


> This almost always includes Windows in some form or another.

Windows doesn't concern me in my business. I never have to deal with it.
Here you see my standard reply to Windows users, who are usually quite 
clueless, asking for free Windows admin from me.

................. client email ...................
> Thanks Terry,

> Could you please advise how to set the laptop to static IP. Using vista.

Sadly no, I just haven't used Windows since 1979 and Windows 95. I'm a 
Unix person. You'll have to seek advice from a Windows user/admin.

> The only qualification, or rider to the contract if you will, is if you
> cease to do business with said company, you are NOT entitled to use the
> aforementioned software.
> Is that clear?
> I hope so.

It's very clear, thanks.

The effort you have put into your little attempt to validate Flatfishes 
continued use of corporately licenced Windows OS instead of paying for it 
himself, shows very clearly that Moshe Goldfarb is the same Winroll also 
known as Flatfish.

Linux full time, on the desktop, since August 1997

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