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[News] Monopolistic Consumer-Producer Business Model Taken to Task

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Denied By Reign Now Available!

,----[ Quote ]
| I am proud to announce the final release of the debut Severed Fifth album 
| Denied By Reign. You can go and download it in its entirety here. There are 
| download links for both Ogg and MP3 as well as BitTorrent links. Thanks to 
| Adam and Neuro for providing mirrors. The full album is available under a 
| Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license - you are free to copy, 
| share, remix and sell the album if you like.     


Inside Networked Movements: Interview with Jeffrey Juris

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeffrey Juris wrote an excellent insiders story about the “other 
| globalization” movement. Networking Futures is an anthropological account 
| that starts with the Seattle protests, late 1999, against the WTO and takes 
| the reader to places of protest such as Prague, Barcelona, and Genoa. The 
| main thesis of Juris is the shift of radical movements towards the network 
| method as their main form of organization.     



,----[ Quote ]
| We are currently developing a series of suborbital space vehicles - designed 
| to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft. 
| [...]
| We intend to share all our techninal information as much as possible, within 
| the laws of EU-export control. 



Design in a P2P world: interview by Julien McHardy

,----[ Quote ]
| His recent interest as a designer and researcher are the implications of
| design approaches that no longer focus on objects or users but on the very
| processes of design and use.
| He writes that:
| “The recognition that value is not something designer inject into objects but
| a relational property of the network of designer, objects and users has wide
| implications on the role of all parties hereto. The evolving questions of
| openness and control, power and responsibility resonate in your work.
| Allow me to sketch out some of the arguments you make in P2P and Human
| Evolution (Bauwens 2008), as I understand them: You propose that we live in a
| phase of cognitive capitalism where immaterial processes and the creativity
| that drives them become the main key for innovation. The hierarchical power
| structures of capitalism however can neither cope with, nor produce the
| increasing diversity and abundance of information that such a knowledge
| driven economy both creates and depends upon. The distribute networks of the
| internet and the web enabled the emergence of peer-to-peer modes of
| production, governance and ownership which are based on the “free cooperation
| of equals in view of the performance of a common task”.
| [...]


Open source EV community invites suppliers to offer components for converting
existing ICE vehicles to electric drive

,----[ Quote ]
| Electric Cars - Now!, a Finland-based open source EV community, is working to
| promote the mass conversion of ICE cars to electric drive.


Blog researcher talks blog success

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the approximately 75 million blogs on the Internet, about 23
| million of those are updated every 90 days.
| [...]
| An online publication of national reputation can post a story these
| days and get a disappointing 50,000 hits, while a blog on the same
| topic can get 250,000. That's something publishers have to look at,
| Red Herring CEO Alex Vieux told CNET News.com.


Google appeals Belgian copyright ruling

,----[ Quote ]
| Copiepresse sued Google last year alleging that the search giant's
| use of headlines and snippets of Belgian newspaper articles in its
| Google News aggregation service, and its practice of providing
| links to cached copies of the articles in its main Web search
| results, violated copyright.



Studies: music industry overstating threat of P2P piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Or perhaps it's not all that amazing. A more likely explanation is
| that the numbers aren't even right. As Canadian law professor Michael
| Geist showed a few weeks ago, claims about piracy rates can be wildly
| variable and downright fictional. High numbers are often used to
| support legal threats or calls for Congressional action, as in the
| MRT case. MRT has a lot to gain by overstating the threat of
| streamripping and, so far, has not showed its numbers. Both MRT
| and NPD agree, though, that P2P is hardly the music industry's
| biggest problem.


File sharing could threaten personal and national security

,----[ Quote ]
| A recent government report says that the old adage "buyer beware" now
| even applies to those who are not technically buying anything at all.
| Despite the reputation of "free" downloads, much of the illegal file
| sharing done on the internet comes at a steep price: personal and
| national security.


The European Parliament approves new, stricter anti-piracy directive

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Parliament voted yes on the new controversial directive
| Ipred 2 which concludes that all kinds of infringement of the
| intellectual copyrights will be considered criminal. The directive
| is actually stricter than that and even criminalizes attempts of
| infringing on copyrights. In theory this means that basically all
| video sites, P2P developers and other services used to spread
| material around the web is criminal.

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