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[News] Elections Begin... for Debian 5.0 Solgan

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Debian Lenny Slogan Contest

,----[ Quote ]
| The Debian Art team is seeking a slogan for the next stable release, Debian 
| GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny”. 



Debian (Etch) Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re a hardened user then you’ll already know that Debian is good so I
| don’t need to tell you, if you have a good knowledge of Linux and you
| understand the file system and how it works, but just haven’t tried Debian
| yet then I highly recommend doing so. I started out years ago, using Red Hat
| based systems such as Fedora Core and since I tried Debian and it’s
| derivitives I now much prefer them. Debian is definitely on my recommended
| list but not to new users, purely because it assumes some if not a lot of
| knowledge about Linux in order to tweak it. If you’re a new user and you’re
| not too familiar with Linux in general don’t go trying Debian yet it might
| just put you off the whole idea of using Linux as your operating system. We
| use Debian for a lot of our in-house and customer servers but it’s also very
| good as a corporate desktop.


Debian as a Desktop GNU+Linux Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure what constitutes an “end-user
| distribution”. Perhaps I am equating an “end-user distribution” with
| a “desktop distribution”. And why not? What determines if a GNU+Linux
| distribution is an end-user distribution? It seems to me that the packages
| that are available within the distribution, and the functionality of said
| packages, are what determines if a distribution is an end-user distribution.
| And, as most people are aware, Debian contains a huge amount of packages
| within its repositories. Packages that deliver no less functionality than
| those GNU+Linux distributions that everyone can agree are “end-user
| distributions”. Just that fact, alone, should be enough to convince anyone
| that Debian is, indeed, an end-user distribution.

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