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[News] Review of STUX 2.0 and Mandriva 2009 KDE

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STUX 2.0 exhibits major improvements

,----[ Quote ]
| STUX 2.0 has come far beyond the bug-ridden unusable system I encountered in 
| my previous review. I would even recommend it to people looking for a new 
| distribution to try, though with a hearty warning about setting a root 
| password immediately after the install. The unique artwork adds a special 
| touch to what is already a fine distribution, setting it apart from the 
| ever-increasing crowd of good distributions.     


Install Mandriva 2009 KDE 4.1

,----[ Quote ]
| I installed Mandriva 2009 with the new KDE 4.1 desktop by default and was 
| impressed with the over all feel. Compared to older versions of Mandriva, 
| Mandriva 2009 seemed quicker and snappier and gave me a clean feel while 
| browsing. I enjoyed the theme, background and panel tones much more in this 
| latest release of Mandriva.  Not to mention Mandriva 2009 pulled of using KDE 
| 4.1 as its default desktop.     



STUX 0.9.2 Screenshot Walkthrough

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on Slackware current as at 8 October 2006 (Slackware 11.0);
| Linux kernel upgraded to 2.6.17 from KNOPPIX CD 5.0.1; KDE, and all
| programs executed from KDE, now run as unprivileged user; userm
| anagement, also when running from live CD, is more sophisticated...



Worldwide 2009 Mandriva Linux Installfest

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva rallies the community of Linux users in many cities across the globe
| on November 22nd, November 2008.
| In order to bring Linux to new users and present the new features and
| technologies available in Mandriva Linux 2009, Mandriva is mobilizing its
| network of Linux User Groups (LUGs) to coordinate a worldwide Installfest on
| November 22nd, November 2008.

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